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At the time, finding big smallmouths in vegetation surprised me.
For the smallmouth in the situation I describe, the 6-pound line on the light rod is close to an optimum match.
From spring through early summer, Veenstra stays in the vicinity of major spawning areas, knowing that smallmouths remain for some time afterward as long as prey are available.
Smallmouths & Largemouths >> June's prime for smallmouths surpassing 5 pounds and largemouths approaching 6, but the fishing's great all summer.
Smallmouths can be all over main-lake reefs, boulder fields, points, and humps for days and suddenly be "gone.
Try it as soon as you discover smallmouths are no longer shallow.
Grand Traverse Bay: This summer vacation spot deserves recognition since its crystal-clear waters and shallow sandflats offer some of the country's most incredible sight-fishing for trophy smallmouths.
I also added that smallmouth bass were my favorite bass species, while the Florida jumbos were great to catch but lacked the "pulling power" of a Midwest smallie.
there since the biggest smallmouths ran at night & no one liked
A trip to the Deerfield River Wednesday turned out to be much, much more than just a smallmouth bass fishing expedition thanks to the knowledge and experience of my guide, Dan Harrison of Harrison Anglers.
When the largemouth bite slowed down due to the windy conditions, we moved to deeper outside weedlines for smallmouths.
To target its bass, one must be prolific at fishing fast water for smallmouths and slower flows for largemouths.
The pressures of making a living and raising families have kept us away for four years, but everything is the same--the island with the cabin on it, the house-size rock where the two big smallmouths grabbed our frogs at almost the same moment and leaped in tandem, that place along the left shoreline where the unearthly sound of some animal screaming in the blackness of a starless night scared the bejaysus out of us .
Although some states have better fishing than others, smallmouths are largely accessible throughout the United States.
In September, however, most anglers will probably be targeting quality smallmouths that should be feeding along rock ledges in the lake's clear deep water.