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a piece of land under 50 acres that is sold or let to someone for cultivation

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NFU Mutual's smallholder insurance is available as extension to its Home and Lifestyle and Bespoke policies for smallholdings up to 25 acres.
Anglesey Council is responsible for the second largest farm estate in Wales, which boasts 98 smallholdings covering over 6,000 acres of land, with only Powys holding any more.
The smallholdings registered to MPOB have been selected for the sites study.
Their achievements are testament to the fact that these smallholdings offer a wealth of farming opportunities and are the ideal places to start out in the farming sector.
In return, the company obtained exclusive concession rights to the nucleus or (into of the scheme, a central estate in which the oil palm mill is located, and to the production of the smallholdings surrounding the nucleus (the plasma).
To date, three farmhouses have been sold and the land annexed to adjacent smallholdings.
Simon McEwan, editor of Country Smallholding magazine, said: "Many suppliers say business has been very brisk over the past year.
Smallholdings owned by Birmingham City Council could be sold or amalgamated in an effort to make the local authority's farming portfolio more profitable and produce a higher income for tenants.
They are designed to encourage a shift in emphasis among buyers from one solely focused on audits to one that is based on the specific needs of those working on smallholdings producing fresh produce, tea and coffee.
Occupants of 14 properties at Nine Acres in Hart Village have the chance to buy small areas of the smallholdings land, which is about 90sq metres in size, for about pounds 4,500 each.
Verena Stolcke and Mauricio Font each examine family smallholdings in Sao Paulo.
Recently, under the co-ordination of one Mike Keeley, these four holdings have been further divided into 14 separate smallholdings, each of them furnished with a polytunnel and a 30x10 foot timber `multifunctional agricultural building', furnished with veranda and windows.
Over 80% of the planted area for rubber is farmed as smallholdings in the top six producing countries.
The foremost of these is that productivity, measured in terms of output per unit of land, is higher in estates than in smallholdings.