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a piece of land under 50 acres that is sold or let to someone for cultivation

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Three major organisations have partnered to roll out a farming technology aimed at revolutionising farming among smallholder farmers across the country.
The outcomes are focused on better policies to enhance the availability of credit for smallholders.
Such challenges make some observers pessimistic about agricultural development approaches that focus on smallholders [3, 11].
Our smallholder insurance has been developed with the experience of over 100 years protecting the UK's farmers with the aim of preventing the trials and tribulations of raising livestock and crops spoiling the delights of running a smallholding.
Income from agriculture remains tax-free in India and the sector is largely reserved for smallholders.
Long-standing links between extractive and agro-industrial sectors and vested interests are well documented, so this book could have focused more on the fascinating changes that have taken place in the post-Suharto era, in particular the central role that smallholders have played in recent growth; the role that decentralization has played in enabling and shaping this growth; and the kaleidoscope of ownership and farm management regimes that emerged.
After several years of ongoing discussions, the formal creation of this new body will now endeavour to give the world's tea smallholders a unified platform, and hence, a stronger voice in the marketplace.
For smallholders, new opportunities can make a big difference in their ability to increase production and meet demand.
Despite the rise of banking technologies and more inclusive tools like mobile money, only 19 per cent of the smallholders surveyed in Tanzania used mobile money; none reported using it in Mozambique or Pakistan.
In Indonesia and Malaysia, two of the world's largest oil palm producers, smallholders account for as much as 33 percent of the output.
However, as already mentioned, Colombia has been the scene of failed State and non-State initiatives to promote agricultural cooperatives among smallholders during the 20th century.
Policy-makers are urged to back more research and development in various biotechnologies--not including genetic modification--with a focus on the needs of smallholders, in a new FAO publication called "Biotechnologies at Work for Smallholders: Case Studies from Developing Countries in Crops, Livestock and Fish.
Small-scale agriculture needs to be seen as a viable business, says Jane Karuku, the President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, with smallholders treated as though they are entrepreneurs in any other sector.
Grow Africa Investment Forum marks shift in private-sector investments in Africa's agriculture as a growing group of companies commit to creating economic opportunity for smallholders and improving food security.