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having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

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Small-town attorneys can maximize their exposure in the area where they practice by not just marketing themselves but volunteering and making themselves a part of the community.
Residents of rural and small-town communities believe they are not getting their fair share of government attention and vital resources compared to urban dwellers.
Expanding on his dissertation, the author analyzes American small-town fiction from 1940 to 1960, focusing on novels classified as "middlebrow." He explores this literature through a series of landmarks in a small-town and the methodology of psychogeography, examining both novels and short story collections.
In fact, the uninsured rate in small-town and rural Arkansas is more than a third lower than in Oklahoma, and it's been cut in half since 2008.
"People tend to think of violence associated with cities, not violence associated with small-town America, but this type of violence is the one associated with small-town America."
Themes of growing up and small-town communities are explored in this heartwarming and uplifting portrait of an older teen striving for more than what the small town of Milan, Ohio, can offer.
Critique: Impressive, informative, extraordinary, beautifully imaged, and exceptionally well written, "The Hand of the Small-Town Builder: Summer Homes in Northern New England, 1876-1930" is a seminal work of remarkable and detailed scholarship.
The Hand of the Small-Town Builder: Vernacular Summer Architecture in New England, 1870-1935 scrutinizes the evolution of architecture in homes built for middle-class families during the transitory era of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century New England.
Small-town America; finding community, shaping the future.
Exhaustively researched down to the most minute details, Peaceful Valley Volume 1 is an invaluable lens into the roots of small-town America, worthy of the highest recommendation whether for serious study or casual browsing.
Committed to keeping members involved, Northwest Communications Cooperative (NCC; Ray, N.D.) recently reached out to customers to find out what they enjoyed most about life in small-town North Dakota.
How Strange It Seems: The Cultural Life of Jews in Small-Town New England, by Michael Hoberman.
As frequent readers of this column know, I'm a small-town girl.
I asked Stan Rugis, small-town Pennsylvanian, whether he was understandably bitter or resiliently optimistic.