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having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

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No wonder, then, that a place like home should be such a powerful image for us that so many of us find ourselves getting a bit weepy at reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" or moved by lace-curtain images of small-town America - picket fences and the corner drugstore.
I left Litchfield at eighteen for the big city and would have a tough time readjusting to small-town life.
Instead of trying to compete with malls or big-box retailers, city officials hope to create a unique environment that draws on Santa Paula's small-town atmosphere and attracts residents and visitors alike, Bobkiewicz said.
A somber but inspiring view of small town life, "Broad is the Way: Stories from Mayerthorpe" is a virtual window small-town Canada's past, and a top pick for community library memoir collections.
Think: Jenny Garth is a cynical, lovelorn Indianapolis newspaper journalist who needs the magic of Christmas and a hunky guy to make her agree the holiday's pretty swell, after all, and investigating the identity of a small-town secret Santa just might manage all that, and win her a Pulitzer, besides
For most gays and lesbians, small-town America--whether it's a city of 100,000 or a country village of a few hundred--is where gay people come from, not where gay people live.
The Mann Act provided a means for small-town busybodies to bring the wrath of the government down upon their neighbors.
It falls to the new chief-of-police to battle backwater small-town politics while getting to the bottom of the little community's monster problem.
Ethical Practice In Small Communities is an excellent and very encouraged read for the dedicated psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, and counselor as an introduction to small-town ethical practices and issues.
Kelley offers a character-based look at small-town life starring Randy Quaid, Brian Haley and John Carroll Lynch as brothers who were hockey stars as kids but nowadays try to make sense of life - and their wives, played by Mare Winningham, Elizabeth McGovern and Ann Cusack, respectively.
The band's recent heat has also included a string of opening dates for the Indigo Girls, which has brought Wilson's life in rock full circle; she remembers an Indigo Girls concert as a high point of her own small-town adolescence in Jasper, Ore.
Patterned After Classic Small-Town America, the Village in Irvine Receives Highest Honor by National Association of Home Builders at Prestigious Annual Awards Ceremony
June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ely, the city known for its yearly April Fool's antics, and for being America's Coolest Small Town, is taking to the phones, the streets, and anywhere else unsuspecting people can be found this summer to persuade tourists to visit the city's unspoiled wilderness and small-town charms.
I really missed that small-town feeling, and here I know everyone on campus and off campus.