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having small teeth

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Strontium data for both hominid species indicate that eight of nine large-toothed individuals - presumably males--grew up in the area where they died, whereas at least five of 10 small-toothed individuals--thought to be females--grew up elsewhere.
It has a small-toothed edge on which to cut the foil and although it's made of cardboard, it's still easy to cut yourself - as I did.
Japan -- Concentrations of mercury nearly 5,000 times the Japanese government's Limit were found in samples of liver from small-toothed whales and dolphins on sale at 3apanese markets.
These were western king prawns (Penaeus latisulcatus), blue swimmer crabs (Portunus pelagicus), sand trevally (Pseudocaranx wrighti), red mullet (Upeneichthys porosus), leatherjacket (Thamnaconus degeni), southern sand flathead (Platycephalus bassensis), small-toothed flounder (Pseudorhombusjenynsii), and southern calamari (Sepioteuthis australis).
Except for the weights and numbers of blue swimmer crabs and small-toothed flounder (species that could not pass through the meshes in any of the trawls), all variables were analyzed with one-tailed tests to test the hypothesis that the larger-mesh trawl bodies retained fewer individuals than the control.