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having relatively small seeds

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Seeds of two native species, both found in our study area, were used in our seed removal study; one small-seeded species, Rubus cuneifolius (sand blackberry, 1.83-2.03 mm; 95% CI, n = 10), and one species with much larger seeds, Prunus serotina (black cherry, 5.75-5.91 mm; 95% CI, n = 10).
In both systems, there were many small-seeded species and few large-seeded ones.
Nevertheless, Amin [3] reported that 50% of large-seeded mungbean matured earlier than that of small-seeded type.
GP-238, PI 636363) was developed cooperatively by the USDA-ARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS), Vegetable and Forage Crops Production Research Unit, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the West Tennessee Experiment Station and jointly released by the USDA and the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station in 2003 as a multiple disease-resistant, small-seeded pinto dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm.
Positive associations between seed mass and emergence were restricted to small-seeded species, while negative or convex associations were restricted to medium and large-seeded species.
Most small-seeded broadleaf species in the study (common lambsquarters, common ragweed, black nightshade, pigweed, smartweed, and wild mustard) again emerged less after tilling during darkness.
Small-seeded species (seeds [less than] 1 cm) were represented by Rubus allegheniensis, Phytolacca americana and Viburnum acerifolium L.
Large seeds have been demonstrated to have a competitive advantage over smaller seeds by having higher germination rates and having greater nutrient reserves for the young seedlings, which enable the seedlings to grow larger to tap resources earlier than their small-seeded counterparts [14,28,45, 32,48].
Small-seeded (<25 g per 100 seed) black common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm A 55 (Reg.
In the current study, both large- and small-seeded species were trapped in lower numbers in the 0-1 cm depth than species with intermediate-sited seeds.
NattoKing K86 is a small-seeded soybean developed by King Agro Co., the unknown parent was provided by a North Dakota farmer (Jon Miller, 17993 County Road 16, Wahpeton, ND 58075).
The small-seeded maturity group VII cultivar is adapted to the South Atlantic Coast and Southeastern USA.
It is a small-seeded maturity group VII cultivar adapted to the South Atlantic Coast and southeastern USA.
N7102, previously identified as NTCPR92-115, is an [F.sub.6]-derived selection from the cross of the small-seeded genotypes 'Vance' and 'Jizuka'.
The Food Legume Improvement Program of CRIFC, Ankara, Turkey, received ILL 5722 through the Legume International Nursery Network in 1993 in the small-seeded lentil nursery category.