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Synonyms for small-scale

created or drawn on a small scale

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limited in size or scope

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He said the many militarised operations within the artisanal and small-scale mining sector showed the lack of commitment and the government's mishandling of the challenges in the sector.
The scheme is expected to encourage small-scale miners to sell their gold to the government instead of the black market.
The measure, once signed into law, would enable the BSP to better build up the Gross International Reserves (GIR) by buying domestically produced gold from small-scale miners using Philippine peso.
The group believes that the best solution with small-scale miners is to take a unified approach under which some can be integrated into large-scale mines, as Minahang Bayan will likely worsen environmental degradation.
Brown recommended the closure of all existing Minahang Bayan areas until the government could institute a program that would enable established and big mining companies to work in coordination with the public sector and small-scale miners.
Despite the development under estate sago plantation and SSSED, small-scale sago farmers still dominate the production of sago in Sarawak.
He said that Small-Scale Fisheries by the support of FAO to achieve the desired results.
The Minister of Industry said that the participants at the forum agreed on establishing relations and cooperation between the small-scale industry institutions in the African and Asian countries, helping the African countries in the fields of designing, training and capacity building for small-scale producers.
"If you want a job well done, do it yourself." Small-scale fishermen, who see themselves as the target of the current Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and fear that they may end up paying the price of the reform in progress, intend to take things into their own hands.
In the Philippines, small-scale mining has been the leading occupational group among all mineral industries.
Small-scale industries in India; problems and policy initiatives.
- The project will contribute to developing and restructuring small-scale fishing sector in the region
The project, will is to benefit 500 small-scale fishermen operating on 169 small boats, is intended to improve the living and working conditions of this social segment.
It is estimated that gold production from large- and small-scale mining in Africa accounts for about 45% of total mercury emissions on the continent.