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Synonyms for small-scale

created or drawn on a small scale

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limited in size or scope

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While the small-scale manufacturing industries are relatively more efficient than the large-scale industries, there is significant room for improving the efficiency further.
The rapid changes taking place in the structure and governance of national and regional agri-food markets in developing countries seriously affect the ability of agriculture, especially small-scale agriculture, to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development.
Terms of asphalt mix for small-scale rehabilitation of road damage by pickup or delivery by the contractor and the implementation of small-scale measures for road maintenance.
It will allow us to finish off the design and engineering work for the small-scale plant.
Over the past few months, the price of feed stood at Rp 2,000/kg; however, the rise in the price of chicken on the market enabled small-scale poultry breeders to resume their activity although the profit margin was very small.
Coble insisted that the 18-month publication would encourage investment in the ideas of small-scale inventors and that his bill contains a ``provisional right,'' not in current law, allowing an inventor to receive compensation from a third party that commercializes his idea between the time of publication and issuance of the patent.
Certainly it was not the only trade in which the interests of employees and small-scale entrepreneurs often coincided, nor the only one in which workers aspired to become owners, even as their working-class consciousness developed.
This raises two issues which have an important bearing on the development of the small-scale manufacturing sector.
We want some sense of the minimal information needed before small-scale field tests are begun, and also the minimal information needed from such tests before there is any commercial use.
In a labour abundant and capital scarce country like India, small-scale industries have come to occupy a significant position in the planned industrialisation of the economy.
A Chinese mining company invested $10 million on a milling plant that assists small-scale miners in Bindura and its environs process their gold.
Summary: Agadir - HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Rachid and Prince Moulay Ismail, chaired, on Monday in Agadir, an award ceremony of small-scale fishing boats to fishermen victims of bad weather that occurred last February.
Even small-scale companies can implement wireless technology solutions for global marketing and sales, he adds.
But the authorities are also concerned about an increase in the small-scale smuggling most common here on the California-Mexican border, where customs officials confiscate six or seven illegal loads of Freon canisters a week, and often the cars of the smugglers as well.