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Synonyms for small-minded

Synonyms for small-minded

not broad or elevated in scope or understanding

Synonyms for small-minded

contemptibly narrow in outlook


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I hope it is just a group of small-minded people who are making it newsworthy at the moment and it can be properly stamped out.
Call me small-minded, but such behavior doesn't fly in this lesbian's book.
it's not funny the first time, it's not funny the 20th time--it's just stupid, small-minded screenwriting,"
So I'm moved to believe that small-minded Christians put nonbelievers into categories too.
They are built to withstand the assaults of small-minded demagogues and friends in high places.
Dear Editor, - While the evidence for global warming is overwhelming certain dinosaurs still would contest it, usurp the debate and warp the small-minded.
It appeals to small-minded people who just watch TV.
He did not succeed because of small-minded opposition from councillors and the often absurd student revolts of 1968.
If, while highlighting the views of some small-minded and offensive people, a person is vilified as small-minded and offensive themselves, then what hope is there for informed debate?
In a magazine article published last March, Vuong reportedly criticised Vietnamese officials and the general public for being lazy in their ideas, dogmatic and small-minded.
It's what was able to help us weather the drizzle that so many small-minded people tried to whip into a tempest.
It gives comfort and place to those who are narrow, provincial, small-minded, and nervous - and antagonizes the rest.
The book is titled, somewhat disingenuously, Privileged Information - I say "somewhat disingenuously" because Johns, a putative old friend of Johnston's, refused to cooperate with her to the point of preventing her from reproducing his work - which is also why I say "noncompliance" and, since this is such a small-minded violation of fair use for the free exchange of ideas, why I say "snit.
Franks, who has frequent run-ins with the overwhelmingly Democratic Black Caucus, paints the group as being full of small-minded pols who would rather socially ostracize someone with different ideas than engage him in debate.
Upon her death, the family, under the direction of small-minded and ineffectual Anse, endeavors for once to respect Addie's wishes and transport her to her hometown for burial.