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large spreading European linden with small dark green leaves

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A small-leaved lime is of great interest in the scientific aspect as an object for learning the adaptation mechanisms in the urban environment and, in practical terms, as a widely demanded species in landscaping of industrial centers.
The small-leaved lime species, as the objects of study, were selected in plantations of different environmental categories: plantings along highways (major highways are Auto 1 and Mira Avenue); plantings in sanitary protective zones (SPZ) of industrial enterprises such as plc.
The content of chlorophyll a in the leaves of a small-leaved lime had similar dynamics during the period of active plant vegetation in all tested plantations: it increased in July in comparison with June, and then it decreased in August, but its indices were higher than in June.
The dynamics of chlorophyll b content in the leaves of small-leaved lime in plantations of the city was similar to chlorophyll a, but the highest concentration of pigment was typical to leaves in southern exposure.
In plantations growing along highways the ascorbic acid content in the leaves of small-leaved lime was significantly lower in comparison with zone of conventional control during the whole period of observation, which is most likely connected with the protective function of this metabolite and it can be explained by its spending to neutralize pollutants with oxidative activity.
5]) and the interaction of these factors (P=0,03) had a significant influence on peroxydase activity in the leaves of small-leaved lime.
In the urban environment the spending of this metabolite on adaptive reactions lasts for a long time in a small-leaved lime, so its content is reduced in comparison with parklands and suburban plantings.
Fluorescence spectra of small-leaved Lime (Tilia cordata) during eleven years after NATO bombing are present on Figure 2.
ph] is was obtained similar changes as for small-leaved Lime.
car] [%] 0 277 498 382 Table 2: Fluorescence spectra of the small-leaved Lime (Tilia cordata), [W.
A set of Small-leaved Lime trees are being studied in Kilton Valley, near Skinningrove, and experts believe they could date back to medieval times.
Up to Saxon times, the small-leaved lime was the main tree in most forest lands of England and Wales.
It adds that the design has sought to minimise tree loss by utilising shared access off Aigburth Vale, adding that: "The greatest impact of tree losses will be along Park Avenue where 13 Caucasian limes and five small-leaved limes will be removed.
The removal of the three mature small-leaved limes will also result in the loss of the last remnants of the original Victorian lime avenue.
The small-leaved limes were found by countryside officers from Redcar and Cleveland Council and Martin Allen, of Middlesbrough's Wildflower Ark project.