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One chapter, "Missing men, lost boys and widowed women: Gender perspectives on small-arms proliferation and disarmament in Karamoja, Uganda," is by Dr.
Militants attacked the patrol with small-arms, machine-gun and rifle fire.
"I think [the small-arms pandemic] is misunderstood," said Kathi Austin, director of the Arms and Conflict Program at the Fund for Peace.
''The government of Japan will give higher priority to small-arms problems land-mine problems in the context of its 'action-oriented disarmament' initiative,'' Koizumi said in a statement issued on a three-day international meeting on small arms which began at a Tokyo hotel Wednesday.
officials and security experts say that the small-arms trade fuels the growing instability that breeds and harbors terrorism.
Representatives from African nations, such as Nigeria, preferred to retain provisions in the document that would restrict small-arms transfers to governments.
When Bush snipped at the ABM treaty, the comprehensive test ban treaty, the biological weapons protocol, and the small-arms convention, he sent an unmistakable signal that the United States doesn't care about arms control.
Pax Christi Philippines is just beginning to tackle the problem of small-arms trafficking.
In the United States, for example--which by one estimate accounts for fully half of the small arms currently in circulation worldwide--the ease with which individuals and gun dealers can get access to large numbers of military-style weapons with relatively few questions asked has made the United States, a virtual small-arms supermarket for criminal and drug syndicates and paramilitary groups, not only from the Western Hemisphere but from around the world.
"There is little interest on the part of governments in collecting such data, which of course handicaps efforts to devise effective policies for small-arms control," he says.
Mr Ingram said: "Small arms kill more people around the world than any other sort of weapon and the MoD is committed to tackling small-arms use through a variety of means.
Delta was quickly surrounded on three sides as the Cubans began to pour heavy small-arms fire into the ravine from the surrounding slopes.
The conference will kick off an official process toward establishing a global cap on the small-arms trade, as recommended by the expert meeting.
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