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a community of people smaller than a town

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Hers was that gift of style which is as unmistakable as the gift of song and which, like it, is sometimes to be found unexpectedly in any village or small town.
This was a simple method, and the most satisfactory for small towns and farming regions.
In the valley of Guasco there are four small towns.
The aspiration, pathos and tragedy of life, especially among the lower and middle classes in the country and the small towns, can scarcely be interpreted with more feeling, tenderness, or power than in her pages.
Newman says, 'Near villages and small towns I have found the nests of humble-bees more numerous than elsewhere, which I attribute to the number of cats that destroy the mice.
Small Town Economic Development: Reports on Growth Strategies in Practice
Synopsis: A deeply personal memoir, "Life as I Lived It: Small Town Country Living" by Richard W.
This shows that construction of small town has become the common experience of national development in all countries.
Dookie transformed a quarry into an open-air arts venue, Natimuk turned a nature strip into a community arts space and Neerim South created a giant new sculpture to mark the town entrance and now, six new towns will be transformed by creativity following the return of the Small Town Transformations program.
But, you know, when all the big city people were out partying on the weekend, or socializing during the week, this small town girl was probably reading, or procrastinating, or watching something brimming with knowledge about places she had never visited or didn't even know of.
The bank's CEO, Brian Porter, said, 'As all the banks look at their retail banking footprint in small town Canada, I think you will see some branch closures from a retail banking perspective.
Lancaster is just like every other small town in Massachusetts: Beautiful with its treasures of people and landmarks.
Three communities from each Senatorial District were randomly selected, representing urban, small town and rural communities to enhance comparison.
Nick Power has written Small Town Chase, a book of 87 lyrical stories and poems.
His discipline is sociology, but for this study of small town life in America, Wuthnow (Princeton U.
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