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any light rope used on shipboard

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Because, in the end, who we are in the small stuff says a lot about who we are in the big stuff.
Redman is correct in that it is important not to "sweat the small stuff.
Even liberal insiders, then, say that modern government works fine, apart from its inability to do small stuff.
The descriptive phrase is "Don't sweat the small stuff.
However, singularly, the best piece of advice is, "You can't sweat the small stuff.
Youth-oriented BBC3 - whose output has included programmes such as Don't Tell The Bride, Sweat The Small Stuff and Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents - has a service budget of around PS85 million.
We concentrate on the small stuff, insuring the big picture is always in focus.
Of course it's our responsibility to read the small stuff - but the fact it's there in the first place, the fact they wholeheartedly rely on us not giving it our full attention, that's what makes me sad.
He's the host of BBC3 show Sweat the Small Stuff, so he should be well used to minor grievances being blown out of proportion.
You'd think Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ Nick Grimshaw would be keen to get some early nights, but he'll soon be back on BBC3 with his evening panel show, Sweat The Small Stuff.
Getting the small stuff right is part of building a better city.
ght thi WE are told not to sweat the small stuff but sometimes the tuff but sometimes small stuff is where things are all stuff is where things are solved before they become the lved big stuff.
The small stuff sack is also made of water-repellent nylon.
Turning an old saying into a haiku, "Don't sweat the small stuff.
Is he the sort of man who'll cook a prawn curry to prove that he can do the small stuff as well as the grand gestures?
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