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the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type

material printed in small type


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There are very few European online print service providers who, as Onlineprinters GmbH, offer brochures in single or small print runs at economical prices.
It means they are trying to sell us something we don't need, so in order to make it more attractive, they lie about it, then admit they were lying the whole time - in the small print.
Having found the magnifying glass, one may then find that the small print is in one of many languages.
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Metro Bank, NatWest and Halifax were also found to have small print running to more than 25,000 words.
There are many occasions that call for brochures in small print runs: The offer is perfectly suited for high-quality company presentations, club magazines, school newspapers, menus, trade show brochures or mailings.
The scam listings are absolutely worthless and my advice is to read all the small print on any free offers carefully before signing.
Freeman Despite paying pet insurance premiums, Mr Freeman's wife Stephanie was told they had not complied with the small print.
They said it is in the small print, but something as important as this should be in big red letters on the front.
Summary: The small print of the Pre-Budget Report is coming under scrutiny by economists.
For example, Bill Winke's "Tip Of The Month" in the Mossy Oak Bowhunting Corner is in such small print you can hardly read it.
Byline: A standard property contract is coming to Dubai's real estate market, aiming to get rid of misleading small print.
The signs might say 50% off to draw you in but the small print may say on selected lines or up to 50%.
As they say it is all in the small print so beware - how many more are in this budget are hidden in the small print.
You need detail of exactly what the pounds 80 is for and where in the small print it states you are liable.
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