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the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type

material printed in small type


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Egg's small print lets it extend the "instant access" period to 60 days in a crisis.
However, the small print revealed he would not be eligible if he took the offered top-up.
The message from that research is clear, but worrying: consumers read very little of the agreement they sign - even less of the small print.
I have always followed this advice: when there is small print on any type of form of any description, I either ask for the agreement to be enlarged, or have it rewritten to understand it more easily.
I couldn't believe it when the girl at the till showed me the back of the voucher which said, in small print, that pounds 50 had to be spent.
THE small print in documents could be outlawed if an MP gets his way.
Companies are hiding behind the small print to avoid payments which stand between a family and poverty when a loved one dies or cannot work through injury.
Richard Corbett, a Labour MEP for Yorkshire, urged firms to check the small print very carefully before responding to direct mail from European City Guide.
Vitally, the key risks of a product should be set out alongside its benefits, not buried in the small print.
In contrast, and tending towards the big end of the small print spectrum, are Franz Wesselman's very un-English surreal images, boldly executed in colour and an unusual mixture of etching and woodcut.
Customers may have been misled into believing this was a governmental tax because it was described as a ``tariff'' in small print on the back of the service contracts.
By leveraging its capabilities to innovate and aggressively integrate technology into its marketing and operations, and to provide economically-priced, short run, on demand print products and services within its superprint facility, it can capture a large part of a $25 billion small print shop market.
There are, however, a number of smaller printers that offer small print runs and affordable services to those wishing to get small print runs of books published.
In fact, the watchdogs said, only about 10 per cent of customers could save as much and this was only explained in the small print.
But you don't have to be an ex-royal butler to fall foul of small print used by insurers to avoid cough-ing up.
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