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the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type

material printed in small type


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Business customers benefit from the carbon neutral production, small print runs, same day production and overnight delivery as well as from the convenience of ordering their print supplies in the online shop and uploading the print files themselves.
But to all you people using small print, I say this: Naff off.
In summary, is the small print there to be read - or is it there to ensure that the makers have a get out?
Almost three quarters (73%) of those who do not read all the small print blamed this on the length of the documents.
This outlawed using the small print of any document to hide the true cost of a service.
Mr Freeman said: "I didn't read the small print but I should have done.
Victims don't even know they're at risk because exceptions are hidden in the small print of contracts, a Commons watchdog warns.
The method proposed holds good only for works with small print runs (such as expensive maps), where the damage to the printing surface in successive printings is minor in comparison to deterioration over time.
While this is a lengthy, dense scholarly work with small print, it is clearly written and provides a wonderfully telescopic view of the lived impact of the Nazi era.
48 pages of facts hold relatively small print and plenty of information suitable for reports.
Combining text which is barely readable with misuse of gravity, the headline is unintentionally buried better than the small print in a legal contract
The small print reads, 'Travellers riding up the Snowdon mountain railway may experience communication problems.
NASDAQ:CREO; TSX: CRE) and Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) have launched the SpireTM CXP3535e color server for the Xerox DocuColor 3535 color copier/ printer system, bringing the key benefits of Creo professional graphic arts solutions to small print shops and graphics-intensive office environments.
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