small potatoes

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A 5lb higher mark is small potatoes given how that race has worked out and the stiffer track should really suit'
Those emissions are small potatoes compared to the approximately 7 billion tons of C[O.
Cohen helps run Small Potatoes Gleaning, a volunteer organization that provides leftover produce to people who are struggling to afford food on their own.
After Silvio Berlusconi, everything else is small potatoes.
The star has also featured on TV shows including Small Potatoes on the UK's Channel 4, his own series The Omid Djalili Show on BBC 1 and on the American Sitcom Whoopi alongside Whoopi Goldberg on the NBC network.
But that's small potatoes compared to the billions spent to develop high-flying concepts such as the airborne laser program, which seeks to mount a high-power chemical laser on lumbering 747 aircraft so it can shoot down ballistic missiles.
Better still, he has also found a use for all the small potatoes that are discarded from the process.
Given the outdated rules over expenses, houses and general cheating in Westminster, I think Martin's Air Miles, taxis and his home in Glasgow are small potatoes.
During the recent budget battle, Congressman Dave Obey said, "I would suggest that restoring $16 billion in presidential cuts is mighty small potatoes compared to the $200 billion he wants us to spend in Iraq.
Using this system a 500g pack of small potatoes cooks in just a few minutes in the microwave.
I don't want to put anybody out of business, but at a lower rate, this is pretty small potatoes," Martin said.
But his is still small potatoes - when compared with the biggest spud ever found.
2 pounds small potatoes, scrubbed and rinsed, cut into quarters OR halves
It's small potatoes savings compared to the lighting upgrades and consolidated HVAC systems she's invested in, but her real goal is to buy acceptance to new ways for new days.
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