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the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case

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This also meant that, compared to German, Swedish, Finnish and Latvian children, who had to first learn 53 letters (29 small letters and 24 versals) or more, (2) the Estonian students got by with 22.
However, for 4 (44%) of the 9 patients with macular ring scotomas, there was a peak at the small letter size and then a reduction in the reading speed with increasing character size after the peak.
We're going to leaflet houses around the area with just a small letter to say if they see anyone relieving themselves again or leaving bottles with urine could they contact the parish council office with details.
b] n = 3 Mean values in a row without the same superscript small letter are different (p<0.
Sometimes one feels that Italians should be with a capital and sometimes with a small letter, one can feel like that about almost anything.
We sent: a small letter, a small letter with a birthday badge inside the envelope and two copies of the newspaper, one sent folded in half in an A4 envelope, and one sent flat in a bigger envelope.
For instance, in an image of a large letter S formed by lots of copies of the small letter h, they often identify only the h.
She added: "Please try, all of you, to write a small letter.
What some people do is take a small letter like yours and frame it neatly along with a good black and white photograph.
Who at the Internal Revenue Service decided to use the small letter "I" twice in "line 28" and "line 17" and then in the fourth line suddenly capitalize the "L" in "Line 17"?
U+0190 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER OPEN E and U+025B Latin Small Letter Open E
So, we have an FCC who shares in its Administration's belief that governance should serve as the moral gatekeeper of the governed, and whose swift and sure reaction to a small letter writing campaign successfully reined in a corporate giant's alleged civic irresponsibility.
small letter and tall letter that have the same shape and that appear on the same side of the line (except MN)
A minor weakness shows up in Zuehlke's confusion with the difference between the word "regiment" with a capital R and "regiment" with a small letter "r.
Since any quantity will always start with a capital letter and may end with a small letter there will be no ambiguity in reading and understanding adjacent notations.
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