small hours

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the hours just after midnight

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Sometimes, however, he sent a scribbled line by special messenger; and overnight, evidently in the train, he had scribbled this one to post in the small hours at Crewe:
Well, a bottle of this stuff is calculated to stiffen an ordinary roomful of ordinary people within five minutes; and I remembered my flask when they had me as good as crucified in the small hours of this morning.
In the small hours of the Saturday morning a tragedy took place at Milchester Abbey.
He sat up, waiting, into the small hours, but she did not come.
In the small hours the breeze weakened, then failed altogether.
He fell into that despondency that lies in wait in the small hours.
Is there anything more spiritually uplifting than queuing from the small hours of December 26 for the unsurpassable thrill of beating a fellow shopper into a bloody pulp as you wrest a half-price Xbox from their grasp?
ey'll be out in the small hours and will be able to alert us to anything that is out of the ordinary, as well as alerting us to unsecure homes and cars.
Babel Police Chief, Major General Riad Kikhany told reporters on the ground, "The security forces carried out a small security operation in the small hours of Monday night, in the area of Snadeg (35 km North of Babylon) in coordination with Baghdad.
On high alert since, the personnel saw three- four miscreants trying to insert a PVC pipe through the border fence -- a common smuggling tactic -- in the small hours of Wednesday.
There will also be performances from Dinah Brand, Female Hercules and The Pulpit with Nightflight DJs keeping things cooking until the wee small hours.
As a mother of a five-monthold baby it is unlikely the Duchess will be celebrating into the small hours.
It was rammed to the gills and everyone went nuts till the small hours.
KARACHI -- Seven people were killed and 39 others injured in Karachi's Lyari area in the small hours of Wednesday, a police spokesman said.
Clutching his treasured trophy just hours after his historic victory, the Dunblane hero beamed for the cameras as he kicked off a party that lasted well into the wee small hours.
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