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The next morning was Saturday, the day on which the allowances of one shilling a week were paid--an important event to spendthrift youngsters; and great was the disgust amongst the small fry to hear that all the allowances had been impounded for the Derby lottery.
They should be in a group of their own with the other small fry to play for the right to face the bigger countries in qualification.
The journey from Cardiff to Tonypandy seems only small fry, if you'll pardon the pun, when it comes to the lure of the chips.
What culinary name is given to the small fry of sprats and herring?
But as England coasted to a 46-run win over a New Zealand XI in their opening Twenty20 warm-up in Whangarei, skipper Broad admitted it was small fry compared with his matchturning treble against India at Trent Bridge.
But most of the so-called small fry will be well organised and highly motivated, so it could make sense to swerve those big accumulators until the competition settles down.
But Sturdy, who marked the match with his 200th appearance for the club, was not overly impressed with the manner of his side's performance and advised them they need to be even more merciless in dealing with the division's small fry.
Alastair Cook insisted on playing in the tour match at the MCG, only to make scores of 27 and 10 - small fry compared with his prolific run-making in the Brisbane and Adelaide Tests.
And I suspect that the Mafia was small fry compared to the right-wing terror network that exists today.
And I know that actually compared to Victoria Beckham's collection, that's small fry, but I just can't see how it's not obscene that a handbag can be worth that much.
CAMERON, Susie, Katrina Crook and Caroline Webster Small Fry Outdoors ABC, 2008 143pp $24.
However, many well paid people prey upon small fry criminals: they may be an abandoned single mother occasionally shoplifting; a family in a deprived area trapped into existing on state benefits who find pin money jobs, who endeavour to evade paying a TV licence until more on their feet; those brainwashed or confused by television and devoid of a healthy diet, and so on.
Which, in Summer Bay, is small fry on the scale of things that can go wrong.
Like so many small fry on the Labour backbenches, he had little or nothing to say of any consequence during Blair's reign.
OTHER: Receptionist at Wingate at Sudbury; nursing home volunteer; Small Fry soccer instructor; physics and math tutor; town indoor and outdoor soccer teams; martial arts; Relay For Life; animal shelter volunteer.
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