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a corporation with a small capitalization

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a character having the form of an upper-case letter but the same height as lower-case letters

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However, the return premium to small caps is unstable and fleeting, and due to a recent string of poor quarters, small-cap companies as a group today stand at a return disadvantage.
The conventional wisdom is that stocks thrive when interest rates are rising, but research from Fidelity indicates that small cap stocks do especially well.
For the truly adventurous, there are several ETFs that give exposure to foreign small-cap stocks, including the Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap (BRF), the Claymore/AlphaShares China Small Cap Index ETF (HAO), the SPDR S&P International Small Cap (GWX), and the SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap (EWX).
It's far different to try to sell 5000 shares of American Small Cap.
com features the Top 5 Small Cap funds; Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities (FSOPX), Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Growth A (MNSCX), AllianceBernstein Small-Mid Cap Value A (ABASX), Delaware Small Cap Value A (DEVLX) and American Century Small Cap Value Investment (ASVIX).
ATLANTA -- Small Cap Directory is proud to announce the release of its free downloadable search widget for individual investors as well as commercial and noncommercial websites & blogs serving small cap investors.
ATLANTA -- Small Cap Directory, a niche search engine and research tool for the small cap investor, announces solid growth in membership and traffic since its debut at the end of October.
He works with a team of portfolio managers/security analysts who run the Turner Small Cap Core Equity, the Turner Small Cap Value Equity, and the Turner Midcap Core Equity institutional portfolios as well as three no-load mutual funds, the Turner Small Cap Equity Fund, the Touchstone Small Cap Value Opportunities Fund, and the Touchstone Mid Cap Fund.
It includes the Russell 2000 as well as the Russell Nomura Small Cap Index in Japan.
Pink Sheets:AXTG) announced today that it has been invited to the 2007 Small Cap Stock Expo at the American Stock Exchange in New York on February 28, 2007.
Franklin Templeton Investments today announced the introduction of Templeton Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund.
DALLAS -- Dallas-based investment management firm Smith Group Asset Management is announcing the closing of its Small Cap Equity strategy effective 12/31/06, or when it reaches $1.
There will be 106 securities added to the MSCI US Small Cap 1750 Index.