small beer

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something of small importance

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Metaphorically, small beer is something trivial or unimportant.
George Washington had a treasured recipe for small beer stashed in a notebook, brewed with bran hops and three gallons of molasses.
Manchester City's on-field outlay has been no small beer this summer.
Called the "Biggest Small Beer Ever Made," the brew is produced by participating brewers in 50 states using the same ingredients and recipe but made in their own breweries.
But that is small beer to Duncan, who has a PS175million fortune and recently planned to float his gym and spa empire for PS300million.
I would suggest PS3m is small beer in the costs of a major car plant.
But that's small beer, very small beer, for the West Bromwich real ale buffs.
Small beer in the scheme of things which is unlikely to save the airport.
Aside from producing freezers for commercial establishments, Beer Below Zero has also produced small beer freezers for personal-use as well as a mobile application that records users' daily beer consumption.
Compared to the iconic structures which have been reduced to rubble, the at-risk Glynn Edwards Hall seems like small beer.
The Schottenhamel tent, which in 1867 was just a small beer booth with 50 seats, has become the largest Wiesn tent with circa 10,000 seats.
It may be small beer to the occupants of the Rollers and Aston Martins breezing into the Ascot owners' and trainers' car park, but to a humble bean-counter like myself it's big bucks.
But all of that is small beer compared with what is about to rise in the very center of the area.
Because, what Parks has done has made the single act of climbing that mountain seem like small beer.
Reduce the excise tax for small beer producers from $7 to $3.