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Synonyms for smacking

the act of smacking something


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I've never agreed with smacking. There are plenty of other ways to instil discipline in children.
He argues that "back-up smacking" improves "the child's co-operation with milder disciplinary tactics, so that smacking can be phased out".
A fresh appeal has been launched to ban smacking as school psychologists say it is harmful to children's mental health.
The Association of Educational Psychologists tabled a motion at the TUC Congress calling for smacking to be outlawed.
While there are no clear benefits to smacking, the report also finds that where research has tried to separate out the effect of smacking from other factors like family situation, socioeconomic status or wider behavioural issues, the negative impact of smacking appears to be very small.
She pointed to a report entitled Equality Protected?, which made links between smacking children and adult aggression.
New Zealand's Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has admitted to smacking his child despite the observance of the Smacking Law.
The Question: Does smacking a child in the first two years of life increase the chances of emotional and behavioral problems at age four?
The Tory MP told the Mail on Sunday he was 'not opposed' to smacking young children after admitting he had 'occasionally' done the same to his own.
More and more experts are decrying parents smacking children, but people continue to have mixed views about methods for disciplining children
A CONTROVERSIAL scene in a television soap opera and comments made by an MP have reignited the debate about smacking children.
WHO do these liberal commentators and wishywashy social workers think they are when they lecture parents about the alleged wrongs of smacking? Listening to the outpourings of self-appointed children's rights campaigners and the advocates of namby-pamby parenting you could be excused for thinking Britain is in the grip of a quasi-paramilitary army of child abusers.
It also taught me a valuable lesson: that smacking wasn't for me.
LEGISLATION surrounding the smacking of children needs to be relaxed so working-class parents can instil discipline in their homes without fearing prosecution, according to a senior Labour politician.
Paratylotropidia brunneri Scudder is the first insect known to communicate over fairly long distances by producing an audible sound from the mouth--literally smacking its lips....