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Synonyms for smacking

the act of smacking something


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It has a twang of the wine cask in it," said one, smacking his lips.
Ay, marry," said Prior Vincent, smacking his lips after a deep draught of wine, "I have kept a close watch upon him, albeit he was unawares of the same, and I know right well that he hath no money to pay me withal.
Whereupon, smacking his lips, he departed for San Francisco and the St.
This he devoured with smacking lips, while Long-Beard went on:
he said, smacking his lips with an air of infinite relief.
said that gentleman, smacking his lips, 'here's richness
The Fairy gave him the sugar and Pinocchio, after chewing and swallowing it in a twinkling, said, smacking his lips:
But, Lor' bless you, sir," says the guard, smacking his hand down on his knee and looking full into Tom's face, "ten minutes arter they was all as bad as ever.
Mong the motley-speckled fierce creatures, Shouldest rove, sinful-sound and fine-coloured, With longing lips smacking, Blessedly mocking, blessedly hellish, blessedly bloodthirsty, Robbing, skulking, lying--roving:--
What I want to know, George," the old gentleman said, after slowly smacking his first bumper--"what I want to know is, how you and--ah- -that little thing upstairs, are carrying on?
said the clerk, shutting up the book again, just after he had opened it, and smacking his hand cheerfully on the cover.
said the dwarf, smacking his lips, 'what a nice kiss that was-- just upon the rosy part.
With many parents terrified of smacking their children in case they have them taken away, we are raising a nation full of brats and this woman wants even more of them?
Disappointed when Welsh Assembly members voted against a move to ban smacking children in Wales the same month, Ms Holland has spent the past six months speaking to AMs, police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Social Services on the matter and says she is confident a change in law will come in the next Assembly session.
New Zealand's Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has admitted to smacking his child despite the observance of the Smacking Law.