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Synonyms for smacker

the act or an instance of kissing

a quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand

Words related to smacker

a loud kiss

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a very powerful blow with the fist

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Rounding out its strategic portfolio of non-competing brands, Markwins adds Lorac's prestige consumer to join masstige brand Physicians Formula, entry point brand wet n wild, leading ethnic brand Black Radiance, top youth brand Lip Smacker, and its successful collection business to continue to cater to an all-inclusive consumer base.
Bill George, president and chief operating officer of Markwins, said Trainor helped Lip Smacker sales move.
Lip Smacker will collaborate with local Boys & Girls Clubs to drive programming and events that help build a child's personal development skills in the fields of education, creative arts and self-esteem.
SMACKER Emily gets up close with Chewbacca and, below, battles Darth
Aktar Islam |who got a smacker from Michael Buble during his Birmingham show
The Up Smacker Coca-Cola Kisses Lip Gloss Collection ($8.99) comes in a collectible tin, with the iconic soda bottle on its cover, and contains six great-tasting flavors: four CocaCola varieties (original, vanilla, cherry, and black cherry vanilla), as well as Sprite, and Barq's Root Beer.
There's more lip-locking between Sharon and Dennis - he keeps saying Zoe is the girl for him, but sparks fly with Sharon and their feelings explode on Thursday with a huge smacker.
Food company J M Smacker has announced that it has agreed to acquire International Multifoods for around $840 million.
Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, the composer-lyricist partners in life and art, gave each other a big smacker on the stage of the Tony Awards this year when they received their medal for Hairspray.
Rachel Costello from Limerick rode her first winner on the track when making all the running on Plant A Smacker in the mile-and-a-half apprentice handicap.
The flirtatious young prince arrived in Adelaide to a rapturous Aussi greeting and gave 28-year-old Sylvia Cresnar a smacker on the lips.
The Markwins brand portfolio includes wet n wild, Physicians Formula, The Color Workshop, The Color Institute, Black Radiance, POP, Bonne Belle and Lip Smacker in addition to many other internal brands and licensing deals.
* Emily Huang as vice president of marketing for the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell lines.
But he's soon s to on SMACKER: Belle distracted when Jai, high on cocaine yet again, causes a scene and pregnant Vanessa gets pushed to the floor.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 29, 2015-Markwins International to Acquire Bonne Bell, Lip Smacker