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a shifty deceptive person

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Or maybe we don't foot the bill and try to sneak away, like a slyboots or footpad.
Jimmy Brown, owner of the Mann-trained pair Slyboots and Wintertide, added: "I fully support the action that has been taken.
EMERSON TELLS US that truth is "such a flyaway, such a slyboots, so untransportable and unbarrelable a commodity, that it is as bad to catch as light.
A sickly lad, whose huge head seemed far too heavy for his feeble body, he was nevertheless an inexhaustible source of drollery and high spirits; Marx adored this cunning little slyboots.
This time round the baddies are led by the mysterious, cowled Darth Sidious, who looks and sounds uncannily like silver-tongued slyboots Senator Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid).
Mann told his audience at Whitcoombe House he was encouraged that Slyboots, his first German purchase, has won two of his three most recent races, the latest a novices' hurdle at Stratford earlier this month.
Pitting levity against gravity," altogether impious, The Satanic Verses is one of those go-for-broke "metafictions"-a grand narrative and a Monty Python sendup of history, religion and popular culture; Hindu cyclic and Moslem dualistic; postcolonial identity crisis and modernist pastiche; Bombay bombast and stiff-upper-liposuction; babu baby talk and ad agency neologism; cinema gossip, elephant masks, pop jingles, lousy puns, kinky sex and Schadenfreude; a sort of Sammy and Rosie Get Laid in Doris Lessing's The Four- Gated City-from which the slyboots Author-God tip-and-twinkletoes away with a cannibal grin.
It got worse for the sidelined Crosse when he had to give up another winner ride, on Slyboots in the two-mile-six-furlong novices' hurdle, on this occasion to Noel Fehily.