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Synonyms for slushy

Synonyms for slushy

being or resembling melting snow

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3 Using a fork, break up the ice crystals around the edge and stir into the slushy centre.
It encourages the formation of slushy ice, which is mechanically weaker than the asphalt and therefore substantially reduces the risk of damage.
A wine slushy is an adult beverage that combines finely crushed ice, 100% pure fruit puree, and Cedar Lake Cellars' wine.
Over low ground it is unlikely that any snow will accumulate but many areas may see falling snow and slushy deposits for a time.
The slushy will begin to freeze soon after you start mixing it.
Spring has arrived in Canada and has plenty of snow, but lower slopes are slushy.
If you grit first, then shovel, all that happens is you get a mountain of slushy snow alongside the path or road, and a clear but slippery surface To the lazy motorists who promptly park in a space cleared outside someone else's house - "Buy a shovel".
The former Spice Girl was also seen showing off her youthful side as she sipped on a blue Slushy drink during the day out, the Daily Mail reported.
But on long, hot days, the blended liquor slushy is a fine, one-button alternative.
If you have an ice cream machine, churn mixture until it starts to freeze, if not pour into a rigid container and freeze, stirring every 30 minutes or so until ice crystals start to form and it feels slushy.
Not once has Dairy Crest missed our deliveries - on the right days, at the right time, early in spite of no salt or grit over our very slippery, icy, then slushy road.
LOST souls Diane Lane and Richard Gere are gifted a second, slushy, chance at love.
RUSH-hour travellers faced a slippery, slushy journey to work today as thawing snow melted.
com - aims to be different by ignoring the slushy romantics out there and concentrating on people interested in having fun rather than serious relationships.
Carrying my 18-month-old daughter Jamilet, I hurried to Ash Wednesday Mass across the slushy mess of the church parking lot.