slush fund

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a fund for buying votes or bribing public officials

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categorically rule(s) out" the existence of a slush fund and that
Der Spiegel magazine had reported an alleged slush fund of 6.
Der Spiegel claimed 2006 World Cup organising committee president and football legend Franz Beckenbauer and German Football Association (DFB) president Wolfgang Niersbach - who is also a UEFA and FIFA executive committee member - were aware of the slush fund by 2005.
Mr Merrigan and a colleague managed the [euro]5million slush fund intended to train and upskill low-paid workers which financed foreign trips to New York, Hong Kong and Australia.
Hewlett Packard's Russia subsidiary used millions of dollars in bribes from a secret slush fund to secure a lucrative government contract," principal deputy assistant attorney general Marshall Miller of the Justice Department's Criminal Division said in a release.
As soon as you were aware of the existence of the slush fund you wished to milk it for as much as you could with a view to living an extravagant and lavish lifestyle and so you did over a number of years living way beyond your means,'' the judge told him.
It was the first day of hearings of the commission formed by the Abbott Government to probe alleged union slush funds set up over 20 years ago.
It will inquire into the activities relating to slush funds and other similar funds and entities established by, or related to, the affairs of these organisations.
The United Kingdom can take some pride in the fact that, so far, it has declined to take part in this shameful slush fund.
Despite the claims that we are seeing the green shoots of recovery, unemployment is still soaring and it's not like there's some magical slush fund in the bank to dip into.
When interviewed, she agreed that it was common practice to divert money from the residents' allowance to the slush fund.
If there is any kind of slush fund at the BBC available to other broadcasters, surely the first question is whether it can be returned to the licence fee-payers?
The licence fee must not become a slush fund to be dipped into at will, leading to spiralling demands on licence fee payers to help fund the political or commercial concerns of the day.
It is reported that Nishimatsu created a slush fund of more than \2 billion and that the two Nishimatsu-related political organizations spent about \480 million to donate to, and buy fundraising-party tickets for, both ruling and opposition politicians.
Chairman Lee Kun-hee, 66, made the offer after a five-hour interrogation by special prosecutors investigating an alleged bribery slush fund.