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a suspension of insoluble particles (as plaster of Paris or lime or clay etc

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Slurry as fertiliserNitrogen from organic manure is extracted by bacteria from large organic molecules and transformed into smaller inorganic water soluble compounds.
It is widely recognized within the industry that replicator parts host significant limitations, and can often cause more harm than good to slurry pumps.
Using "proven technology", the system will filter slurry, separating out water and removing nutrients to produce good quality fertiliser.
The model is based on a 3-year field study of residual effects of cattle and pig slurry application on crop N uptake measured under North European conditions in a cool and moist climate, and the model outputs are compared with data from other experimental studies of manure N mineralisation and residual N effects under similar climatic conditions.
It comes after a slurry pollution outbreak in the Afon Bach in Tremeirchion.
It introduces a thin, uniform and durable ring of fluid between the slurry and the inside of the pipe so that thick material can be efficiently pumped without friction at a high throughput.
The slurry pipeline system is an alternate mode of transportation of iron ore fines in slurry form, after fine grinding and its concentration.
Scientists at Oregon State University evaluated and optimized surimi slurry as an edible coating that would reduce the fat uptake in fried shrimp.
The ordeal was triggered when he started pumping slurry from an underground pit into a tractor-driven tank for spreading.
A tractor towing a trailer of farmyard slurry had overturned, spilling its contents all over the road.
Streets being subjected to slurry are closed to all traffic for up to eight hours.
It comes less than two years after rugby star Nevin Spence, 22, his father and brother died in a slurry tank accident in Co Down.
THE dangers surrounding slurry gases are the focus of a new leaflet launched by the Farm Safety Partnership, chaired by the NFU.
tna, has launched an automated continuous slurry mixing and application system for the snacking industry.
A vast range of organic fertilizers is available in different forms in our surroundings including cow dung, farmyard manure (FYM), farmyard slurry, composted FYM, and digested biogas slurry.