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Robin sipped her Diet Coke, going, going, going, until the straw made slurpy, bottom-of-the-glass noises, which she went on making for a minute.
Served with cherry tomatoes, provola cheese, Parmesan and fresh basil, it was good, slurpy, light.
Oooh, it's getting so stretchy," said 10-year-old Lily Butler as she kneaded the light green mess, which had started out kind of wet and slurpy but was setting up into a nice smooshy concoction.
IF SELMA BLAIR'S ONLY contribution to lesbian culture were her slurpy, sizzling kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, it would have been plenty.
And he wasn't exactly on him with anything other than a big slurpy puppy-dog tongue.
I saw Bama messing around trying switch Sal flips with Guns, and I watched Joey chew happily on some beef jerky and wash it down with blue Slurpy, looking around through his panoramic camera for strange Southern things to take pictures of.
The fruit is then crushed giving us a purple, slurpy, delicious-smelling mass of skins, pulp, juice and seeds.
To reinforce what we learned about warm and cool colors, I asked my students to imagine biting into a rosy red apple, a section of juicy, ripe orange or taking a big, slurpy bite out of a piece of red watermelon.
Sitting staring lovingly at the track, they scoff burgers and chips, cans of juice and a big slurpy chocolate cake.
Also, order user-friendly food, not the slurpy barbecue ribs, advises Rivers' Corcoran.
Anytime something falls off the stage to the rear, we hear a slurpy splashing sound as though the kingdom abuts a spa.
Well, don't, because you'll probably find the remains of a Slurpy dropped there 10 years ago.
Slurpy Soil Overly wet soil is a condition to avoid or correct unless the plan is to grow plants that enjoy it.
These Japanese noodles are chewy and slurpy and wonderful to base a meal around.
SOMETIMES SHEETS SWALLOWS SLURPY THINGS THAT SWIM No kiddin' Information Systems Technician 1st Class Willard Sheets downs squid and octopus one night, dried fish and shellfish the next.