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Its chilly, Im hungry, and all I want is to slurp up carbs from a bowl.
The five members of the Slurps are too young to drive, too young to vote, too young to be in high school.
They can catch soap like a bear catches a slippery fish, slurp pasta like a robin slurps a yummy worm, and hold treats tight with tiny mouse-like fingers.
To think that you can really know a particular coffee from a few slurps (unless it's just flat out horrible) is a mistake, and one that I believe is increasingly made in our industry.
For instance, the new blind leech the scientists discovered slurps down whole worms, which is unusual because most leeches are blood-suckers.
Lounge Oysters offer decadent shooters and slurps, such as the $1.
actress Lisa Roumain-Smith, 26, of West Hills said between slurps of her smoothie at a Jamba Juice shop.
Experts taste a wine based on one or two slurps (they slurp too), they reel off a few hundred adjectives and move on to the next glass.
Witty remarks, burps, slurps and hundreds of other wacky soundbites and effects from Timon and Pumbaa punctuate the five madcap, arcade-style games -- Jungle Pinball, Hippo Hop, Slingshooter, Burper and Bug Drop.