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Synonyms for slumberous

Synonyms for slumberous

quiet and tranquil

inclined to or marked by drowsiness

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After provoking the owl with noise, disturbing his sleep, Thoreau comments that "I too felt a slumberous influence after watching him half an hour, as he sat thus with his eyes half open, like a cat, winged brother of the cat.
and my slumberous parents on the right to the lounge on the porch.
Within a few days of SMG showing interest in Hearts, a minority of fans questioned the value of the deal, now the slumberous majority are getting restless.
from the memory of Robbie's slumberous eyes and surfeited little smile as she lay on George's wet arm.
The slumberous teenager opted instead for carrot and coriander soup with granary bread, pounds 4.
An insight in to the world of people who engage in unusual activities during their sleep, including a man who claims to be able to draw works of art in his slumberous state.
All of this served to destabilise United, waken the previously slumberous Goodison crow the home team into a response hunger, desire and fight that was so lacking in the first half - and much of the campaign - suddenl came to the fore, and in an instant the Everton of last season was revived.
Alongside the casual racist cant in which characters of artists describe the physiognomy of a mixed blood woman as well as the nostalgic and slumberous sexuality seen in the photograph of a "tragic mulatta," "Evangeline" reveals and reviles the racial politics of the rising Reich by offering a canine-based eugenics that reads as a parody of Thomas Sutpen's race-based design.
While under the willow the waters flow While willow waxes and waters wane, When wind is slumberous and water slow, And woodbine waves in the wandering lane, Call me not, for you call in vain.
Eye in eye, and hand in hand, Awake amid the slumberous land, I told her all my love that night-- How I had loved her at first sight; How I was hers, and seemed to be Her own to all eternity.
slumberous, combining lethargic guitars with lead singer Margo Timmins'
All of this served to destabilise United, waken the previous slumberous Goodison crowd and rile the home team into a response.