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a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions

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There was a graffiti everywhere showing 'Chemical Chemo' and it scared me as I walked through the slum areas, only to find out that he was a 12 year-old soccer player and not a gangster," said AKM Partners' director Abdulrahman Khaled Medallah, describing his field trip inside one of the city's slums.
It's rare in Pakistani society that a girl who belongs to the underprivileged family especially from a slum area to reach at Harvard University to attend an internship, but there is always success for those who have commitment for the hard work and believed in struggle in the life, same is the case with Anum.
Eyewitnesses said the fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon in Bidyananpure Village of Malda District and soon spread to huts located in the slum area.
In the city there are many slum areas where hundreds of mud made house are build and the authorities have no record of it and the people residing over there.
Jeddah Mayoralty is leading the way in attempting urban renewal and the supply of new low and middle income housing through its Slum Areas Development Department of the Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company.
Haiti's government has launched a program to give a new face to slum areas by repairing, painting thousands of homes, installing solar street lights and setting up community centres, restaurants, schools, computer and internet labs and other professional training centres to provide the country's underprivileged youth with better opportunities for the future, officials say, reports HCNN (Aug.
It's everything," said Fatima, a woman in her 20s living in Kabul's Chaman-e-Babrak slum area.
If I am elected, and God allows me to be elected, my first press conference will be in a slum area," ElBaradei said.
ISLAMABAD, May 27 -- With a pledge to stretch art and culture to every individual of the federal capital, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Wednesday moved to the slum area of G-7/2 to attract children, who showed their skills in both visual and performing arts during a colourful show titled 'Ye Basti Sab Ki Basti Hay'.
One year an aunt, who lived in a slum area, visited a neighbour's child a few years younger than myself.
In Reiger Park, a slum area, violence erupted, with residents forced to flee as their homes were set alight.
Gentoo has given the uniforms to the international development charity World Emergency Relief (WER), which works in the Mathare slum area of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
A medical clinic was constructed in an urban slum area in order to provide accessible health care to a needy population.
As a priest of the Philippine Independent Church, I was once assigned to a slum area in Manila where I ministered to people who felt that the church has nothing to do with them.
One person was killed and seventeen injured after an opposition party held a protest in a slum area considered a stronghold of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.