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a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions

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An elder of the slum area, Abdur Rehman, with tears in his eyes, said, 'The operation was totally one-sided and without any notice so we could not arrange any alternative place.
[10] The wellbeing of single mothers' children and adolescents in urban slum areas is also likely to be negatively affected by their mothers' lack of resources and time for providing them with enough care and attention.
Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 28 ( ANI ): A fire broke out in a slum area at Patil Estate Lane no 3 near Shivajinagar here on Wednesday afternoon.
The four-floor building collapsed on Thursday in the poor district of Monshaat Nasser, a slum area on the southern outskirts of Cairo.
Police said the incident took place in the slum area situated in sector G-7.
The compliance among posh area school children was 84% and that among slum area school children was 72%.
It is all the more moving then that in an epilogue she relates how in 2015 the slum area was violently cleared and its dwellers driven away.
In the city there are many slum areas where hundreds of mud made house are build and the authorities have no record of it and the people residing over there.
Majority of the residents in both the areas belonged to lower socioeconomic class (class V and class IV) rural 84.2% and urban slum area 96%.
About half of the project will be residential; the international media carried a story this week that the project will see the demolition of the Jabal slum area.
ElBaradei, 68, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said a brief but moving encounter with a man from a slum area years ago who had to walk some distance to fetch clean water inspired him to pursue ways to serve his country.
ISLAMABAD, May 27 -- With a pledge to stretch art and culture to every individual of the federal capital, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Wednesday moved to the slum area of G-7/2 to attract children, who showed their skills in both visual and performing arts during a colourful show titled 'Ye Basti Sab Ki Basti Hay'.
Prior to the filming, the government modernized the police force in the slum area, bringing in 18 agents on board Harley Davidson motorbikes.
As a priest of the Philippine Independent Church, I was once assigned to a slum area in Manila where I ministered to people who felt that the church has nothing to do with them.
Ruth McLeod, of Homeless International, in Queens Road, city centre, helped give the Prince of Wales a tour of the Dharavi slum area of Mumbai (Bombay).