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Synonyms for slum


Synonyms for slum

a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions

spend time at a lower socio-economic level than one's own, motivated by curiosity or desire for adventure

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The girl went missing on Friday and her body was recovered from a hut located in a slum adjacent to F-11/2.
Yeddyurappa stayed at a house in Lakshmana Nagar slum for a day in election-bound Karnataka's Gandhi Nagar Assembly constituency.
According to the Census of Slum Areas and Floating Population 2014 by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 2.
Constructive planning other housing aspects of the slum dwellers will make them comfortable and productive.
While the first beneficiaries of the iniative are students from Kibera slum, the Japanese company will extend their help to other slums within th country in search of more talent.
We first got the permission of Asalpha Slum Society members as well as Mumbai Police who gave us superb support," says Shetty.
Slums in Cairo- Nowhereman1977 - via Wikimedia Commons CAIRO -- 13 December 2017: The Slums Development Fund finished around 60 percent of development works of slum areas in Dakahlia governorate, head of the fund Khaled Sedik said Tuesday.
THE thin, half starved, puny slum dweller, smiled with happiness as he stood near his fallen hut, where he watched his little sick son vomiting into the nearby gutter.
Identifying and disaggregating urban spaces as either slum or non-slum identifies uniquely urban-related needs specific to slum residents.
BJP President Amit Shah has intervened to bring the warring factions in Delhi unit together over the slum war.
1] In the last 10 years, India grew at an average annual growth rate of 2%, but urban India grew at 3%, mega cities at 4%, and the slum population rose by 5%-6%.
Bayada Mohamed has left her old slum on a crumbling cliffside and moved into a new flat in a Cairo residential complex, making her among the first to benefit from a government plan to rehouse residents of Egypt's most dangerous slums.
Anthropologist Roanne van Voorst (1987) did research in Jakarta in a slum on the bank of a river, with the initial and specific purpose of researching how the population reacted to and coped with the irregular flooding that has been increasing and worsening with climate change and urbanisation.
Director Danny Boyle filmed Slumdog Millionaire in the Dharavi slum in the centre of the city.
The living history series, The Slum, will be filmed over three weeks at Easter in east London.