sluice valve

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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Name of Project: Fixing of 150mm dia sluice valves 2 nos at ex mla house, naikoti basthi 150mm dia sluice valve and road no.1, j.p.
Tenders are invited for Fixing of 200 mm dia sluice valves (2 nos) at various localities in sri nagar colony 200 mm dia sluice valve, sranjan company allwyn main line 200 mm dia sluice valve under patancheru section, sd-iii, o&m dn-xv.
Tenders are invited for Summer action plan-2019 replacement of old damaged 300mm dia ci sluice valve with a new 300mm dia ci sluice valve near excel edge school in kings colony under mailardevpally section, sd-ii, o&m dn-xvi.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing 200mm 16mm and 80mm glsr tank sluice valve near mustafa house munna hotel and basava nagar chandapur in chincholi town providing and fixing sluice valve 8 6 and 3 at here agasi laxmi temple and construction of chamber in chincholi town
Sh:- servicing and overhauling of fire fighting pumps and gate sluice valves at a,b,c,d and e blocks i/c replacement of gate sluice valve
Tenders are invited for Repairs and servicing of model valves of filter beds inlet & outlet of various sizes of all the filter beds and repairs and servicing settling valves and de-sludge valves of settling tanks at mir-alam filter beds retification of strucked valves on 750mm dia ci sluice valve (2 nos) repairing and replacement of damaged spare parts and complete overhauling of sluice valves at 13 ml glsr outlet ( compartment i&ii) at mir-alam filter beds section, sub-division no.i, o&m division no.xvii, bhojagutta