sluice valve

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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Tenders are invited for Construction of sluice valve chamber trust block and other civil work.
Sluice valve erected in the mains in cable gallery area and overhauling/ reconditioning of sluice valves and strainers.
6 in different sizes for clear water rising main conforming to is14846 for sluice valve including carriage loading, unloading and stacking at site for water supply p
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Old Worn-Out 400/300 Mm Dia Sluice Valve- 4 Nos With Ancillary Works By Replacing New Sluice Valve At Different Areas, Saheednagar And Vss Nagar, Bhubaneswar
Tenders are invited for Attending Pvc Cracks,Providing And Fixing Of Sluice Valves,Pvc Pipe ,Sluice Valve Spindles Etc And Other Works Under Mtc Booth Fj-13,Chandigarh