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a boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches


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Museum shops offer Sluggers where visitors can have their own names etched into the wood.
It is with an understanding of baseball fans' ability to ascribe monumental intangible significance to tangible objects that the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, set about creating its unique visitor experience.
Louisville Sluggers are made of two kinds of wood: white ash and maple (Louisville Slugger, 2012).
Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers is a big evolution for the number one kids sports videogame brand with a whole host of engaging, new features while keeping true to the classic rules of the sport," said Jim Wilson, president and CEO of Atari, Inc.
Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano, two Dodger targets, are already spoken for and Colletti said that a third major slugger -- likely a reference to Carlos Lee -- is close to signing a deal elsewhere.
And while his new tune may sound more responsible to legislators' ears, it's actually too bad that the former A's slugger turned his back on his own book.
Add a dash of Kentucky Fried Chicken, sprinkle in a lot of horses, mix in Kentucky Derby parties, stir it with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, and you get our hometown, Louisville (LOO-ee-vihl), Kentucky.
There's a large collection of custom-made Sluggers signed by the stars who used them, including Ruth, Mantle, Mays and DiMaggio.
Including Perez, there are currently 19 Mexican nationals playing in the majors including sluggers such as the Oakland Athletics' Vinny Castillo and former Diablo Geronimo Gil, now batting .
Watching Macklin at the York Hall last week was like travelling back in time to post-war New York when those legendary middleweight sluggers Rocky Graziano and Jake La Motta were taking lumps out of all-comers if not each other.
began their 50-year history on 1 May 1952 as the Sluggers.
And Sosa, whose endorsement contracts dictate that he be more partial to Louisville Sluggers, issued a quiet recommendation: "Today I used one - the good one.
Even in later years, when the growth of the game resulted in bat-making becoming a profitable part of the wood-turning business, so careful were some of the old-time sluggers about their war clubs that they personally selected and seasoned the timber from which their bats were fashioned.
Two great sluggers from Louisville are united with the Muhammad Ali Louisville Slugger bat," said John Obie of www.
Postal Service went looking for four Hall of Famers to honor in its Baseball Sluggers stamp series being unveiled this weekend, it was Roy, who died in 1993, who was chosen to represent the Dodgers.