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a boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches


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Visitors learn, among much else, whose bats are being made that day, the intricacies of various players' models, how many bats players use in a season, and how the famous Louisville Slugger logo is branded or stamped onto bats.
The addition of Louisville Slugger to our growing baseball and softball business allows us to strengthen our current offerings and play a central role in the wood bat business," said Mike Dowse, President of Wilson Sporting Goods.
SLUGGER O'TOOLE is offered as a tentative selection in one of the most difficult races of Royal week.
Colletti said the Dodgers would explore trading for a slugger ``if we can come up with a surplus of pitching'' but mostly sounded resigned to the idea that the Dodgers will focus on run production.
Canseco's claims about his drug history with the formerly respected slugger Mark McGwire seem especially to have set sportswriters off.
You can find one at the Louisville Slugger Bat Museum.
Ross' life is thrown off nine years later, however, when a statistician discovers an error--the slugger has only 2,997 hits.
Alocit's anti-corrosion, hand-held Slugger 170 comes hot on the heels of its big brother, the full-scale Enviropeel Applicator.
Or relax at Louisville Slugger Field, a jewel of a baseball stadium, with gourmet dining and a brewery a few steps from home plate.
One of the saddest moments in sports history came in 1939 when New York Yankee slugger Lou Gehrig took himself out of the lineup after playing 14 years without missing a game.
It was hypothesized that the bat made by Louisville Slugger would have the largest sweet spot compared to the Worth and Easton bats.
And this poem will be embryonic I sit at a bus stop Knowing how tragic, yet strong Black masculinity can be Bob Costas will say your numbers Can't touch Mays' or Aaron's And yet you'll sneak into their club More successful than when you tried To evade reporters When you got 3000 hits 40 homers a year was not your mantra Like Hank, even Mays only hit 50+ twice Yet, you stood, black and polished as the Louisville slugger you swung When Cal Ripken, Jr.
Chicago Cubs slugger ended slump with lumber from Valparaiso.
Louisville Slugger takes a swing at making Olympic torches.
Pete "Old Gladiator" Browning, the slugger of the Eclipses, happened to break his favorite bat that day.