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of, relating to, or covered with slime

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Unlike their first album, which was defined by chaotic, sludgy noise, this album was well produced, expertly rehearsed, and gave the band their first real break.
But city officials say bacteria and other compounds in the biosolids, the sludgy material that's left over after sewage has been treated, are well within limits set by the state Department of Environmental Quality and pose no biological threat.
Where other wasabi prawns can get bogged down with thick batter that turns sludgy under the mayo, Caramel's have only a thin, tempura-esque layer, keeping things nice and light EoAC" something I noticed from the very first bite.
Glimpses of the B*Witched heyday filter through - Faith In Me in particular - but this is a sludgy, unsophisticated attempt at contemporary pop.
Playing only once or twice a year and never in a widely disclosed location, they've made a fierce reputation for themselves on the avant-garde of heavy stoner rock, sludgy and slow like the Melvins, but with a mild dose of mental retardation induced by repeated chronic hits to the dome.
At the same time, Reagon struts amid the sludgy funk-rock of "Didn't I Tell You," a tale of devotion tucked protectively in butch bravado.
As a result, oil becomes less sludgy and wear on the engine's moving parts decreases.
Other students are investigating claims that a local family discovered sludgy, orange ooze seeping into their basement, possibly from the landfill site.
Over the next several years, the Department of Energy (DOE) will begin vitrifying -- incorporating within glass -- highly radioactive liquids and sludgy nuclear wastes to prevent them from escaping into the environment.
Launching on December 19, 2005, radioio90s will focus on the Grunge phenomena that grew out of the sludgy, murky sound of bands such as the Stooges and Black Sabbath.
There's a serious buzz about the Glasgow duo at the moment and it wasn't hard to see why, as they mixed sludgy Dinosaur Jr-style riffs with howling but gorgeous melodies.
The sludgy, crunchy encore closer "Outshined,'' not only proved that Soundgarden's place in the annals of rock 'n' roll history is secure, but that they are still a force to be reckoned with.
1973-74, across which white acrylic is spluttered like remnants from a whipped-cream canister, to the dense, sludgy Spector, 1990, which, though it looked like it might date from 1915, was actually one of the most recent pieces in the show, Quaytman employed an almost sculptural process of working up materials into form.
The Real Thing's sludgy, narcotic haze was brilliantly fuzzy, while Lisztomania and Sunskrupt
99 (Boots) SLUDGY green in colour and earthy in scent, this mask looked quite runny but dried surprisingly quickly on my face.