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soft lump or unevenness in a yarn


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This article contributed Tomsic focuses on the TOMSIC REAL SHORT TERM CARD AUTOLEVELLER now offered with integrated SLUB INVENTOR.
Last year the SLUB INVENTOR was also introduced for those spinners interested in high quality Slub yarns.
Caipo presents the innovative new Colorpiu device for the fancy yarn spinning and slub yarn sector.
Two brushless motors controlled by the CESY (CAIPO EASY SLUB YARN) provide coaxial blocking to make independent, but synchronized dosing possible, in order to control the quantity of fibers drawn from the card sliver for the base thread and the card sliver for the colored effect.
The company has a yearly output of more than 40,000 tons and is a large producer of slub yarn for denim applications, supplying leadings brands such as Levis, Wrangler, GAP, Diesel, H and M, Walmart, Marks and Spencer and J.C.
Testing is vital, Chokshi says, to evaluate the relationship between cotton fiber parameters and the slub creation process for a continuous and reliable control of the yarn production process.
Amsler Tex offers three slub systems for ringspin frames: The basic slub system the multicount/multitwist system (MC/MT) and the extreme short slubsystem (XSS).
Amsler Tex offers three slub systems for openend frames: The standard system the high performance system and the high performance cooling system.