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small burrowing legless European lizard with tiny eyes

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That describes the slowworm, but it must be noted that the remark is offered as a description of the virtues Bunting wants, not those that he has.
Flowers cover him like a laurel crown, but they also have fallen off in his own excitement, preparing the way and easing the movement of the more inglorious slowworm.
We think we have collected all the slowworms but if any more turn up after hibernation in May we will move them to the designated area on the site.
She said: "The site is located next to a railway line and slowworms love to burrow down into the chippings on the embankment.
But it has emerged that further set backs, caused by colonies of slowworms near the tracks of the new link, could delay the start of services even further.
Grass snakes and slowworms were always quite easy to get hold of back in those days.
Top Gear subliminally convinces both its presenters and its fans that far from being the natural born human slowworms that we truly are, actually deep down we're all cheetahs born to be part of the deadly Exocets we have charge of.
Graeme's interest in herpetology began as a boy when he caught slowworms, adders, lizards and other creatures on camera.
The local wildlife residents include a mind-boggling array of insects such as rare blue-tailed damselflies, butterflies, dragonflies, bees and hornets as well as lizards, slowworms, a wide range of birds - including skylarks - and wild orchids.
5-acre Oak Tree Meadow at Crossgates, Llandrindod Wells, has not been farmed for decades and contains protected mammals including otters and water voles, plus slowworms and a number of precious plants.
He would save hedgehogs, kittens, blackbirds and slowworms, and wanted to be a vet when he grew up.
BLACKADDER'S Rowan Atkinson needs a "cunning plan" after slowworms invaded the building site for his futuristic new home.