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small burrowing legless European lizard with tiny eyes

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He said: "In total, we removed more than 500 slowworms from the building area to the nature site, which was no mean feat.
A wobbly patio slab also revealed a slowworm cosying up to two young frogs - it's amazing how they can fit themselves into the narrowest of spaces
can grow a new arm if one is damaged and slowworms and lizards regrow broken-off tails.
There's also still a lot of wildlife in the town, we recently did a survey and found great crested newts in a number of locations throughout the town and slowworms as well as lots of bats.
A 40-year-old herpetologist (you can get a cream for that you know) looking for slowworms hiding under the sofa of a flat in Splott is hardly Snakes On A Plane is it.
Encourage wildlife - birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, slowworms, ladybirds and bumblebees like to dine on the worst garden pests like snails, slugs and aphids.
REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS: Common toads, with a broad, squat body covered in warts and skin that looks dry and varies from dark brown to grey or olive; Common frogs, with a slender body, short limbs, webbed toes and an obvious dark brown patch behind the eye, smooth damp skin varying in colour from grey, olive green, yellow or brown with darker patches; slowworms, with a long, snakelike body, eyelids (making them distinguishable from snakes), smooth, wet looking skin varying from grey, bronze and light brown; Common lizard with a long body and short legs, grey, brown, bronze or green skin and a line of white spots down the flanks.
Visitors to the free event can see a range of live animals including otters, owls, snakes, lizards, newts, slowworms, hedgehogs, butterflies and moths.
But it has emerged that further set backs, caused by colonies of slowworms near the tracks of the new link, could delay the start of services even further.
Grass snakes and slowworms were always quite easy to get hold of back in those days.