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Synonyms for slow-witted

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

Synonyms for slow-witted

retarded in intellectual development

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Emily and co-stars Joe, Simon Bird as outspoken Will, James Buckley as big-talking Jay and Blake Harrison as slowwitted Neil, have all become firm friends.
WHEN I first drove the Chrysler Sebring Limited, a typical high value Americanstyle saloon that undercuts most of its rivals like Passat, Mondeo and Laguna, by at least 10 per cent, I was somewhat underwhelmed by its rather lethargic pace and slowwitted handling.
The rest of the cast meets the standard social criteria for the mayhem movie: Tom, the quasi-Neanderthal football player and Owen's roommate (Jared Padalecki); Mercedes, the slowwitted sexpot (Sandra McCoy); Randall, the abusive and apparently Anglophobic piercing enthusiast (Jesse Janzen); Lewis, the black guy (Paul James); and Regina, the Asian girl (Kristy Wu).
Her slowwitted sister, Ruth, whose physical deformities have been scaled back for the TV production, is portrayed by Emma Poole, an Oxford-educated young actress.
The MP, who was in Perth to back his party's flagging campaign, came across like the slowwitted TV toff when he declared: "It would be wrong to suggest Scotland could not be a successful independent country.