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Synonyms for slowness

unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training

a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry

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UAE telecom service provider du announced on Sunday that some of its customers might face temporary slowness in broadband speeds during peak times because of submarine cable cuts.
Moreover, forward deals of American crude shed USD 2.5 on Thursday following pressure, caused by slowness of the US economy.
The AV Festival theme of 'slowness' connects the NGC exhibition through artworks which are designed to slow down our sense of perception and make us aware of our experience of time."
Parkinson's occurs when a brain chemistry imbalance disrupts motor nerve pathways, leading to symptoms of shaking, slowness of movement and rigidity.
According to LESCO Press Release, during June 669 theft cases, 103 slowness of meter, 26 consumers using commercial supply through domestic meters and 107 over billing cases were detected.
Always make allowances for slowness of age and the rashness of youth.
Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland, who led after Stage 6 and for much of the first week of the tour had a tough day, with two flat tires and relative slowness in the tough mountain stage.
Maybe the reason for the slowness of the whole enterprise.
If my wife starts listing problems that must be dealt with that day the wheels in my brain grind with agonizing slowness and often fail to mesh.
Its slowness in telling the European Commission about the subsidy - as it is required to do under Treaty rules on state aid - led to the Commission's competition spokesman Jonathan Todd warning London on April 11 that it needed to send some form of notification "within 24 hours" (see 2953).
Yet there are certain spectacles even more dreadful, more grotesque--more vividly prophetic of a postnatural world defined less by the suddenness of calamity than the slowness of recovery.
This slowness, Daw says, "could have considerable benefits for chemical processes," such as removing smokestack pollutants and manufacturing chemicals and drugs.
Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny (Canongate paperback, pounds 10.99)
Physicalor mental problems can be the cause of slowness or lack of energy but to makeacareer out of sloth is truly a sign.