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Synonyms for slowness

unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training

a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry

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I DON'T KNOW WHY I confuse my impatience with the slowness of
Breast cancer survivors often report memory problems or feelings of mental slowness, which can lead to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and an overall poorer quality of life.
Hot conditions and the slowness of the pitch hinder free scoring and the batsmen need to have more patience here for a long innings," added Clarke.
With its new regulation, the European Commission intends to address the problem of the slowness of the standardisation process.
The fourth Ernst & Young Turn Risks and Opportunities into Results report found that although the potential for a double-dip recession dropped down the table globally to eighth position, in the UK it remained prominent, with respondents ranking it joint fourth, reflecting a relative slowness in emerging from the financial crisis.
The Results: Heritability was rated for the four characteristics: 84% for slowness in eating, 72% for satiety responsiveness, 59% for food responsiveness, and 53% for enjoyment of food.
Qualities such as stillness, slowness and asceticism speak of a different sort of world and are a quiet retort to the blare, bustle and sensory overload of modern Japan.
The offense's slowness adjusting to opponents, the defense's inability to rush the quarterback, the running backs' stagnant play and some crucial penalties were just a few of the quibbles from Saturday's 28-22 victory over Washington State.
The most common treatment to combat the tremors, slowness, and rigidity in these patients is a dopamine precursor called levodopa.
If my wife starts listing problems that must be dealt with that day the wheels in my brain grind with agonizing slowness and often fail to mesh.
Gaserow pointed to the uncertainty in the market as a major reason for the slowness of this year's renewal talks.
And that s why his book In Praise of Slowness is worth reading.
Within two weeks of exposure, the rats began to show parkinsonian symptoms, including slowness of movement, rigidity, and tremor.
You're so hooked by the cult of speed, you'll gobble a book on slowness.
Completely dislodged from utilitarian purpose and observed through a veil of imposed slowness, the magnified, mass-produced tool becomes sculptural--monumental even--at the precise moment when a fluffy white powder begins to fall and collect in tiny piles on every key.