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a decrease in rate of change

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Slowing down provides us with the ability to pay attention and be human.
Also, foreign economies appear to be slowing, which could damp demands for exports; and although some sectors of the financial markets have improved in recent weeks, continued lender nervousness still is in evidence in other sectors.
In their review of the outlook for spending in key sectors of the domestic economy, members saw little reason to anticipate substantial slowing in the growth of consumer or business expenditures in coming quarters, and they also expected housing activity to be maintained at a relatively high level.
As the year progressed, investors seemed to reach the consensus that the Fed had engineered a healthy environment for high yield - an economy that was slowing enough to lessen inflation concerns but not slowing so much as to raise the specter of declining corporate profitability.
Imports of consumer goods grew less than I percent, the slowest rate of increase since 1992, because of slowing imports of consumer durable goods.
Real estate fundamentals have continued to improve as the economy has expanded and while transaction activity continues at a fairly brisk pace, the market appears to be slowing from its somewhat frenzied rate of recent years," said Youguo Liang, managing director and head of PREI Research.
For the first time, scientists have traced the slowing and dimming of X-ray-emitting jets from a small black hole.
A slowing national economy could have an unintended benefit for Southern California, he said.
In the second quarter, a strong recovery in nonresidential construction activity from the weather-related decline of the first quarter offset a marked slowing in business purchases of durable equipment.
GDP growth, after registering strong well above-trend data for the first quarter, is slowing as the housing market and commodity price increases are registering a negative toll on the economy.
Harris of Stanford University and their colleagues made headlines by slowing light to a bicyclist's speed (SN: 3/27/99, p.
The driver was slowing to make a left hand turn when a motorist tried to pass,'' said CHP Officer Martha Davidson.
Recent information on building permits and contracts suggested some further slowing of the decline in nonresidential construction.
The only current therapy for dry AMD is high-dose oral vitamin and zinc supplements, which the NEI showed to be modestly effective in slowing progression of intermediate to advanced AMD.
The central bank's aim in boosting interest rates is to slow business and consumer borrowing, thereby slowing overall economic activity and keeping inflation under control.