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a decrease in rate of change

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Harris of Stanford University and their colleagues made headlines by slowing light to a bicyclist's speed (SN: 3/27/99, p.
The CHP said Guevara was eastbound in her 1982 Toyota Corolla when she began slowing to make a left turn onto 130th Street East.
The considerable margin of slack in resource utilization, though decreasing, was projected to be associated with appreciable further slowing in the underlying rate of inflation.
Additional outcomes will also be measured regarding lens opacity as part of an on-going collaboration between Othera and the NEI on preventing or slowing the progression of cataract formation.
Despite the recent slowing, however, the twelve-month change in the CPI as of May, at 4.
The wireless industry will be impacted by numerous trends, including slowing subscriber growth, increased competition from MVNOs in the consumer space, evolution to a retail market model, voice ARPU erosion in both the business and consumer markets, and data pricing declines offset by growing data usage, especially in the business market.
He believes the Fed will maintain its existing policy bias toward increasing interest rates ``until there is a clear, sustained slowing in the economy.
Chu, now at Stanford University, developed a method of slowing atoms in 1985.
An increase in lender--and borrower--caution more generally points to some slowing in the pace at which nonfinancial sectors take on debt relative to their income in 1990.
Much of the slowing in overall economic growth in the first half of 1989 reflected a deceleration in consumer spending.
Makishima of the University of Tokyo and his colleagues, who report the Ginga results in the June 23 NATURE, argue that the ring orbiting the neutron star has probably reversed its direction, and the incoming matter is slowing the star's spin.
and Europe is now slowing from the exceptional levels of the past two years, with the exception of clothing.
The parent thinks, talks and moves quickly, while the child feels rushed and resists by slowing down.
Recent increases in mortgage rates likely portend some slackening in the pace of homebuilding, and the growth of consumption expenditures also should begin to taper off from the rapid pace of 1988, as a slowing of expansion elsewhere in the economy damps the growth of real disposable income.
If the shift is too large, the atoms no longer absorb laser light and stop slowing down.