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Synonyms for slowdown

Synonyms for slowdown

the act of slowing down or falling behind

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The slowdown lasts for five years, with the last year triggering an increase in earthquakes globally.
Since investment slowdowns are more detrimental to growth than savings slowdown, so, policy priorities over the short run have focused on reviving investment by mobilizing saving, via attempts to unearth black money and encouraging the conversion of gold into financial saving.
There are three theories explaining this slowdown in productivity.
Reuters reported that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan has warned that a sharp slowdown in China's growth could pose a threat to the global economy.
Despite a slowdown in the rate of growth, the possibility of a hard landing appears to be slim, considering the strong growth of China's service industry, continued expansion of investment in infrastructure, and the strength of the Chinese government and central bank to counter future developments," the report said.
The slowdown in energy-related freight has dragged total railroad traffic down by more than 1 per cent compared with 2014.
Is the EM slowdown therefore jeopardising the global recovery?
With the fiscal deficit widening amid a slowdown of the economy in the current year, the government would find it very difficult to come out with another stimulus package to deal with the slowdown in economic activity.
The slowdown in deliveries is related to the credit crunch and with the airline business today we do have a little bit of a slowdown on the different aspects of the business.
MORE than 40% of large businesses have cut their IT budgets this year due to the global economic slowdown, research has found.
AN interest rate cut of 1/2 % is now imperative or rapidly deteriorating conditions in the housing market risk causing a serious economic slowdown, says the Home Builders Federation.
A SLOWDOWN in consumer spending and a supermarket price war hit grocery sales for the second consecutive month, new figures have revealed.
Negotiations three years ago prompted film and television companies to push a lot of work to the first half of the year, which led to a slowdown, described as a de facto strike, in the latter half of the year.