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the traffic lane for vehicles that are moving slowly

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Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said: "In Ryszard Masierak's case, under the influence of alcohol, parking up in the slow lane of the M1 - an act as flagrant as it was dangerous.
Meanwhile, the slow lane on both sides of the King Hamad Highway's junction with Highway 96, near Alba, will be closed from 11.
Gavin Baker Lorries sould stay at 56 in the slow lane, cars at 60 in middle lane and outside lane 70 (overtaking).
Thursday: Southbound middle and slow lanes of I-105, and offramp to West Sixth, and onramp from Delta Highway.
Andy Tuscher, North East director at EEF, said: "Political prevarication and policy reversals have left Britain in the slow lane in developing its infrastructure for decades.
Slow lane of the flyover leading from Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway to Al Fateh Highway will be closed.
PLANS to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph have been consigned to the slow lane after Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the move was "not a priority".
A TORTOISE the size of a grape is enjoying life in the slow lane after becoming the newest, and smallest, addition to a zoo.
DISTRICT nurse Lis McGinty is looking forward to living life in the slow lane after a career spanning four decades.
The project was in the slow lane but was 'fast tracked' by the new authority.
Kauto was like a Jaguar sitting in the slow lane, then when Ruby asked, he changed gears and wow.
Better are back to basics Slow Lane Blues and a bottleneck take on old fan favourite Coming Home.
To avoid the frustration, I now frequently use the slow lane and can cruise between 100-120km/hr hassle free, just me myself and I.
Tanker driver Josue Munoz, 28, of Palmdale was traveling 15 to 20 mph in the slow lane, Esposito said.
Traffic was flowing, with the exception of a few older, wiser couples driving in the slow lane.