slow down

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  • verb

Synonyms for slow down

become slow or slower

Related Words

cause to proceed more slowly

reduce the speed of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

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The Highway Traffic Act requires drivers to slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles and government enforcement officers such as motor carrier enforcement and tow trucks when their lights are flashing.
"We would appeal to all road users to always drive safely and within the speed limit not just on National Slow Down Day."
Mackenzie Brown, 13, and his brother have put up posters in Shepley asking people to slow down for hedgehogs
The mum in her 40s said they weren't asking him to slow down to be "arrogant".
Slow Down to Get Around is a national safety campaign aimed at reminding motorists to drive carefully near waste and recycling collection vehicles.
According to ratings agency, S&P, the growth of Islamic finance is to slow down because of a fall in the price of oil.
Animal-lovers from Wrexham and Flintshire are just some of the dozens who have joined the Slow Down for My Horse campaign.
These cushions do not slow down, motor bikes, scooters, 4x4 cars, vans, buses, lorries, farm tractors and many more large vehicles, because all their wheels can straddle the cushions without them having to slow down.
The message read: 'Please slow down, my daddy's working on the road up ahead'.
"We have been noticing many people who stop or slow down to watch [the scene of] the accidents, which obstructs the flow of traffic, causes additional accidents and, sometimes, slows down ambulances and rescue cars," he explained.
I work hard too but I've learned it's ok to slow down. Today I'll take some time out and draw a bright pink dinosaur and put it on the fridge.
In the past, drivers were required to slow down and move over for official vehicles only, such as stopped police cars and ambulances with blue or red lights flashing.
1, 2015, Slow Down Move Over protection is extended to all vehicles with red, blue or yellow flashing lights stopped on the side of a road--because a stopped vehicle means there are people working nearby.
"Central Asian economic performances remained strong in 2013 (at 6.5%), however the growths are to slow down to 5.6% in 2014, mainly because of a slow down in major trading with the partners including Russia," said the ADB President.