slow down

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  • verb

Synonyms for slow down

become slow or slower

Related Words

cause to proceed more slowly

reduce the speed of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

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The industry is set to slow down next year over the sharp fall in oil revenues and rapid regulatory changes.
Some people are annoyed at those who slow down to look at accident sites, but when they reach the spot, they find themselves slowing down too to have a look.
What if everyone is too busy in their "me/ mine" circles to slow down and care?
A teenage driver safety video, Speak Up to Slow Down was created in hopes of saving future teenage lives in light of the Campbellsport crash.
And these people who get in the overtaking lane and won't move back also slow down traffic.
Kanye's been on her the last few weeks to slow down but she's carried on regardless.
But, yellow signal means the vehicle has to slow down.
The sex doll is dressed in skimpy red lace lingerie and is enough to distract the men on bikes, who slow down to take one look at the beautiful seductress at the corner.
CREATIVE school children from Ynysddu, Deri and Bedwas primary schools got gift vouchers to recognise their efforts to get drivers to slow down.
Prof Robert West, director of tobacco studies at the Cancer Research UK health behaviour centre, said: "As the country tightens its financial belt, we've seen the number of smokers trying to quit slow down.
The exact reason why these citizens want to slow down vehicles in front of their homes can't be clearly understood.
IT'S HARD TO slow down when you are in a duck blind or a goose pit with other shooters.
A friendly workman advised me to slow down in your condition.
The growth rate) has slowed down and it's continuing to slow down, which is actually great news when you look at health care costs,'' said Stan Rosenstein, deputy director of Medi-Cal Care Services in the state's Health and Human Services agency.
power reactors, water is used to slow down the neutrons so that they can be effectively captured by the uranium nuclei and this process can proceed.