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Synonyms for slovenly

Synonyms for slovenly

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

indifferent to correctness, accuracy, or neatness

Synonyms for slovenly

negligent of neatness especially in dress and person


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Well, call me slovenly if you like, but even if I included every tiny task like picking a sock up off the floor or putting the TV remote back on the table I couldn't rack up 16 hours.
But having a pair of rain forests growing under your arms just looks slovenly.
1 After years of slovenly grazing on pizza in front of the TV and bathing regularly - once a year, on his birthday - he's in the shower more often than you've got dry towels.
The airy, sophisticated rooms filled with beautiful natural materials will make you want to reform your slovenly ways for ever (maybe).
Meanwhile, Jen (Fay Ripley) thinks she and the slovenly Pete (John Thomson) are stagnating - watch out for her fantasy appearance on Dragons' Den.
The mystery thespian joked about inflicting a taste of the character's cruel and slovenly behaviour on a BBC1 show.
The messy boy receives a come-uppance when his slovenly habits lead to a problem with barbarians which affects the entire family in this whimsical story of why cleanliness is important even if barbarians are not involved
I'm sure Sir Philip Green's conduct merits criticism, but Parliament's slovenly approach to commercial law-making has set the framework within which such exploitative behaviour can go unpunished.
An appalling return even by the Tory's slovenly standards.
but plodded along at a slovenly pace after leaving the station.
According to Anil, Yobbo = yob is defined in Macquarie Australian Dictionary as a hooligan or lout, or a slovenly, uncultured young man.
He was best known for co-writing and performing in "The Young Ones,'' a sitcom about slovenly students that was much loved by those it satirized.
slovenly and sacrilegious" [Letters, 'Slovenly' & 'Sacrilegious,' p.
According to the Guardian, Australia's gamble is that Johnson can channel his limited-overs form of the past two months; he even shook up India's top brass on the slovenly surfaces of the subcontinent, into the sustained periods demanded by Test cricket.
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