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Synonyms for slovenliness

the state of being messy or unkempt

Synonyms for slovenliness

a lack of order and tidiness

habitual uncleanliness

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Changes in appearance, especially toward slovenliness.
99) A debut novel about a woman who sets up a weekly club for kindred spirits that embrace slovenliness and reject perfection - and ends up becoming an international figurehead for mums everywhere.
KEVIN Lynch (Letters, Feb 16) again states that all vermin should be exterminated; I say we would be better off having a cull on human slovenliness than the fox population.
We would be far better off having a cull on human slovenliness than the fox population.
Educating the mind was especially important when it came to "the poor," whose "taste" and other perceptions needed elevating above their natural lazy slovenliness to enable them to resist the destructive "passions" that would otherwise perpetuate their misery (29-44):
Criticizing liberals for their many contributions to slovenliness and immorality, he insisted in one of the book's essays that "behind all their organizations--civil rights, feminist, civil libertarian, consumerist, environmentalist, sexual, homosexual--lurks a Socialist model.
His father would never have brooked such slovenliness, and Mrs.
The unwillingness and inability to make distinctions invites a certain coarseness of manners--mobile phone mal-etiquette, public slovenliness and other indelicacies not worth mentioning.
The slattern's ridiculous pretension to gentility and refinement, while maintaining her slovenliness, incites us to reflect upon our own pretensions--pretense being the permanent condition of mankind.
Nothing irritated him as much as slovenliness or ambiguity in thought or expression.
I am scandalized at the intellectual slovenliness (and, therefore, moral irresponsibility) of Israeli and American Jewish polemics.
Rather than being carefully arranged and protected from dirt under glass shades, the objects in the room constitute an "untidy litter" which, far from suggesting slovenliness, is "pretty" and implies pleasant occupations, so unlike the formal, sterile and bored existence of the ladies in the Stamers' Llyn Castle.
But equally does Soldati's story appear to be representative of certain Italians: it immortalizes their slovenliness, their pathetic and irritating mediocrity.
British literature of the nineteenth century developed a language for invoking Irish stereotypes, negative representations of drunkenness and slovenliness that augmented nationalist resentments against Irish Catholics.
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