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a soft felt hat with a wide flexible brim


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During the Boer War of 1899-1902, a widebrimmed headdress known as the slouch hat was introduced.
Although not every man who donned a slouch hat was a hero, writes Stanley, many thousands of others reassuringly 'did their duty'.
He wears "the one pair of trousers he owns" and "a slouch hat taken off a dead man somewhere in eastern Missouri.
A slouch hat, creased in the center, was tilted forward on his grandfather's head, shading a young face with the same solemn expression that he remembered on an old and weathered face many years later.
SEARCH "JOEL SALATIN" on YouTube, and you will find him resplendent in a slouch hat, white T-shirt, and jeans, talking about the virtues of sustainable farming.
The young Walt Whitman chose wisely: his rakish slouch hat in the frontispiece portrait of Leaves of Grass was perfect for his free-and-easy speaker.
It consists of a pedestal of unpolished Aberdeen grey granite beneath a bronze figure of a man in khaki, in the uniform and slouch hat worn during the campaign.
In a southern city, in the 1880s the Theodore Thomas Orchestra played in a theater where a farmer in a slouch hat occupied a box of solitary splendor.
This is not to say that the book doesn't shy from its Antipodean sympathies; the authors, for instance, appear rather indignant over Monty's decision to abandon a slouch hat in favour of a black beret, though somewhat gleeful that it now makes a central display item at the Australian War Memorial.
As it hurried by he noticed the driver was wearing a slouch hat and the woman was smoking a cigar.
A collar turned up, the brim of a slouch hat turned down, a lazily impudent grin on a face like the map of Ireland, and dancing that was hot and cool all at once, calculated to the degree of resembling an off-the-cuff improvisation of genius.
It was hung so high that she could hardly reach it by standing on a chair and it was so heavy that it almost broke her arms, but at last it came down, a gray slouch hat with it.
He carries his slouch hat, trench coat and manly squint from Paris to Burma in a tireless exploration of the new, and winds up back in Budapest, where he falls in love with each of the twins in turn.
A CARDIFF woman was accosted at Heathrow Airport yesterday by a man wearing a black beard, slouch hat and dark glasses.
We called him "killer" for reasons that are lost in the mists of schoolboy time, but was maybe something to do with a slouch hat, a passing resemblance to a Hollywood gangster and a quick-fire, drawling patter whenever he spoke.