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  • verb

Synonyms for slosh

Synonyms for slosh

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for slosh

make a splashing sound

Related Words

walk through mud or mire

spill or splash copiously or clumsily

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Forster associates the evolution of man with his negative view of technological progress and adds his aversion for empty theoretical ideas ("colourless, last sloshy stirrings").
The foundling is placed within a workhouse, the board of which endows him with his surname on the basis that 'he was found on the North bank of the Sloshy' (8).
"The pitch was as dry as anything and the one place where it's got a little bit sloshy is the goalmouths," said Davies.
Watching a bad stoner movie is like arriving hours late at a beer blast - everybody else has already had a few, they're silly and sloshy and laughing breathlessly at jokes that you in your soberness know are just stupid.
In Sweden he entered Stockholm covered in mud, "the result of the unequal contest between a cyclist and heavy vehicles on a sloshy road." At the local bathhouse he disrobed and soaked in the tub.
For Rossetti it stood out from the 'maps Of sloshy colour' (CPP, p.
I can't think of anyone else who would get away with lines like "Slooshy sloshy slooshy sloshy/Get that dirty shirty clean".
On Mrs Bartolozzi, she blends laundry and eroticism in a washing machine, with a chorus that goes "Sloshy slosh sloshy slosh/Get that dirty shirt clean".
It's a little tricky getting into the correct position if you haven't experienced the bed before as it is quite sloshy.
YOU wouldn't Adams 'n' Eve it...Posh Spice has turned Sloshy Spotty, complete with love bites.
Now it's ending the day in its favorite way: by taking a big, sloshy bath in a mucky waterhole!
In the current Indescretions, Kathleen Turner's Yvonne projects a sloshy sexuality, and Eileen Atkins's Leonie clearly knows the nature of the impulses she represses.