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  • verb

Synonyms for slosh

Synonyms for slosh

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for slosh

make a splashing sound

Related Words

walk through mud or mire

spill or splash copiously or clumsily

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In the research on dynamic characteristics of water tank, the main test method is using laser displacement sensor to measure the sloshing displacement of water; then the sloshing frequency could be calculated [14].
The calculation of the movement of fluid in a sloshing tank is a complex fluid mechanical problem [21], but the primary complexity is calculating the movement of the fluid.
As mentioned before, effect of liquid sloshing in an automotive fuel tank is gaining importance as it contributes to overall vehicle noise level.
Considering two objective indicators, the [epsilon]-constraint approach is applied to convert the optimization problem to a demand-based (performance-based) design method with a demand level based on the limit values of the response of the sloshing height and the displacement of the isolation layer.
Tests in rat models suggest that such jugular compression leads to reduced signs of brain injury, and the researchers hypothesize that this is due to a decrease in sloshing.
Bubbles form in layers on top of a liquid, and five layers were enough to reduce sloshing as long as the bubbles touched the container's sides.
TOM: That water that sounds like it's sloshing around in the passenger door?
We have all this cash sloshing around in the capital system that is flooding to stocks.
Summary: US: Police described grim scenes after the Colorado theater shooting Monday including blood "sloshing" in ...
waves Would shush the incessant sloshing Going on behind my eyes.
I have been out with teachers, builders, even silly City boys showing off, sloshing money around, but money doesn't interest me" - Chloe Madeley, daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, who says she is looking for "somebody decent" to marry.
A pair of fluid physicists at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB investigated the science of sloshing and calculated the natural frequency at which coffee sloshes back and forth when held in mugs of a variety of sizes, from a dainty espresso cup to a cappuccino behemoth.
After all, who wants a highly flammable liquid sloshing around under their feet?
In other news, ABS and Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) are concluding a joint development program examining critical wave conditions for sloshing model tests and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the cargo tanks of floating LNG (FLNG) vessels.
That if the endlessly sloshing waves were people sleeping I could kill