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  • verb

Synonyms for slosh

Synonyms for slosh

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for slosh

make a splashing sound

Related Words

walk through mud or mire

spill or splash copiously or clumsily

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As mentioned before, effect of liquid sloshing in an automotive fuel tank is gaining importance as it contributes to overall vehicle noise level.
Coffee drinkers often attempt to walk quickly with their cups, as if they might manage to reach their destination before their sloshing java waves reach a critical height.
Investigation revealed the sloshing compound had failed and flaked off the tank's interior, clogging the fuel line.
I staved off putting my suit on for as long as possible, but looked faintly ridiculous sloshing through the puddles in my shorts and trainers.
of Science and Technology) offer a textbook on the analytically based nonlinear multimodal method for sloshing and on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), viscous flow, the effect of internal structures, and slamming.
But what was spotted sloshing around in Mike's pewter tankard?
Good job this festival's about that rather than his boozing, or else there'd be a lot of pickled people sloshing about the place.
NASA and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers fit a linearized model of a mechanical analog for sloshing dynamics to data taken from SSTR runs to identify model parameters and characterize sloshing motion.
With this sort of money sloshing around there can be little doubt that any bookkeeper could save this sum from the petty cash of any government department.
has launched Floating Net, a type of damping equipment that prevents oil from sloshing around in tanks during long seismic waves.
The tub is made of sheet molded compound [SMC] so it won't rust and there is a drain plug so you don't have to listen to sloshing water until you can locate the wet vac.
Apparently, the headbox just fell apart one day, pulp sloshing around everywhere.
What do you do - put down your beloved drink and risk losing it or balance it on the plate and risk sloshing your wine all over your chicken goujons?
So we enlisted the help of Scotland's most famous student - - Big Brother's brainy beauty Shell Jubin - to join us for a masterclass in sloshing.