slosh around

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Synonyms for slosh around

spill or splash copiously or clumsily

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The top 10 per cent of earners pay 15 times more in the sales tax than the bottom 10 per cent - although I grant you they have much more dosh to slosh around.
STEADY AS SHE GOES--The Persian year ends with an OPEC barrel continuing to slosh around at a price in the seventies.
My advice to local councillors is get out of your cars and experience the slosh around in the slush.
While millions of pounds continue to slosh around the upper reaches of the Premier League, the picture is less rosy as you move down the pyramid.
And dance to a different kind of slosh around Glasgow.
Rocky planets such as Earth can have magnetic fields when charged materials inside their liquid cores slosh around.
If you dropped the box the jelly would slosh around, which is what happens to your brain when you hit your head hard.