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  • verb

Synonyms for slosh

Synonyms for slosh

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

Synonyms for slosh

make a splashing sound

Related Words

walk through mud or mire

spill or splash copiously or clumsily

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Right foot forward Slosh stars at Wallace High 280619SLUSH_
Accurate tracking of the CoM is the proof of the accuracy of the slosh force measurement by ECT.
The change in policy language, from the "category 1 hurricane evacuation zones" to the "area below the elevation of the category 1 storm surge line as established by SLOSH" may have appeared innocuous to legislators and policy analysts unfamiliar with hazard mitigation and coastal management.
NASA's research into the effects of fuel slosh includes modeling the response in full-sized tanks using equipment such as the spinning slosh test rig (SSTR).
Lakers, for whom he had starred, after a short stint, lie couldn't stomach the attitude the money slosh had bred.
It is being hailed as the first interactive wine course on television, which rather implies viewers will be sloshed by the time the credits roll - particularly as one of the presenters is Keith Floyd.
Among the flamboyant costumes featured in this year's production are a PVC Slosh outfit based around a bottle of 'Vanish' with matching bubble headdress, an Egyptian-inspired 'Cleopatra' outfit, a recycling frock complete with working windmill accessories and a walk down frock based around the design of a traditional Chinese lantern.
When cooled to 30 thousandths of a degree Celsius above absolute zero, electrons slosh back and forth, or resonate, around the circuits without resistance.
They even tried to hide their beamers by doing the slosh as Ford grabbed a microphone and sang Daniel Boone's Beautiful left, with Sunday.
The success of a space mission can depend on taking into account the knowledge of the interaction between fluid motion (slosh) and structure dynamics since this interaction can damage the ACS pointing requirements.
Variable speed can adjust mixing action from a gentle slosh to rapid agitation.
Asha's has the answer to liquid boredom with a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails and lassis, including the popular Cucumber Lemonade (cucumber, mint, lemon juice, sugar and lemonade) and the Apple Slosh. The slosh, which won't get you sloshed, will also be served up at Taste and is a great summer drink for both adults and children.
Now The Slosh is sweeping the nation again - thanks to Comic Relief and funnyman Peter Kay.
It's Brooks' appreciation of the bobo project that makes this book more than just facile pop slosh. After all, he reminds us, America's new behavioral model is in important ways an improvement: more practically sophisticated than the '60s, more spiritual and responsible than the '80s.