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  • noun

Synonyms for sloppiness

the state of being messy or unkempt

the quality or condition of being affectedly or overly emotional

Synonyms for sloppiness

the wetness of ground that is covered or soaked with water

Related Words

a lack of order and tidiness

the quality of not being careful or taking pains

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one of to and go with sloppiness gods smile up against it because they shocking Everyone capable them that, you are unless something and quickly well be.
But Robins, who will today a clearer indication of the nature of the Knee injury suffered midfielder Jonathan Hogg during the first half at the DW for defensive sloppiness we'd have got something out of the game.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri slammed Wednesday the sloppiness with which the issue of exploiting Lebanon's offshore gas reserves was being treated despite his efforts to ratify the oil law.
Then magic antibiotics became available and infections were miraculously cured, however, sloppiness slipped in.
Stronger teams than the Portuguese would take advantage of the sloppiness.
A recent You Gov poll showed that top housemate hates, in priority order, are kitchen and bathroom sloppiness, "borrowing" and never returning food or drink, inviting overstaying guests, loud late-night music and noisy sex.
Our defence has held out against other teams but we just seemed to lose concentration - it was just sheer sloppiness.
He hated sloppiness and always aimed for the highest standards.
AP) -- The head of New Hampshire's community technical college system says the system is in the middle of a crisis because of years of sloppiness overseeing financial aid.
The film ends with the slogan, "Death to red tape, to sloppiness, to bureaucrats
If the idea of "Ukrainian martyrs" is theologically incoherent, the idea of a "Ukrainian Rite" is liturgically and ecclesio-logically so, and forty years after the Second Vatican Council clarified these issues, continued use of this phrase is unhelpful sloppiness.
Racing four weeks in a row could certainly predispose you to such an overload by causing fatigue, which leads to sloppiness in your stride.
It's almost comical in its sloppiness were it not such a common and serious flaw.
I wish the red faces at TEI were due to sloppiness with Concord grape jelly rather than sloppiness with American history.
What takes the matter from sheer sloppiness to possible discouraging fraud is when the fund ignores its policies and actively facilitates market timing, often for a quid pro quo.